400,000 activists begin move to save Imo


Saby Elemba, Owerri

A political association, Rebuild Imo Mandate, has decried the state of affairs in Imo State, the Eastern Heartland, and has called on well-meaning citizens to do something reasonable to avert a total collapse of the state.

The Imo State Coordinator, Dr Kyrian Uzoma Anosike, said that the organization with its over 400,000 stakeholders in the 304 political wards across the 27 local government areas in the state had begun a campaign of change of the system by ensuring that credible people are elected in 2019 to run the government of the state and beyond.

He also stated that the economy of the state is now in the ruins and that credible administrators and technocrats would elected to run the administration of the state if the state must move for economically to attract both local and foreign investments from 2019 onwards.

Dr Anosike, the State Coordinator said so last weekend during the meeting of the stakeholders for Aboh Mbaise chapter at the old Holy Rosary School, now Community School, Uvuru in Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of the state.

He made it clear that the organization is not a political part and that it not affiliated to any existing political party but stands to use its members and other right-thinking members of the public to rebuild Imo state for a better tomorrow.

While remembering the glorious days of the late Sam Mbakwe government, he urged all hands be on deck to ensure that the organization would work to ensure that credible people who would handle the affairs of the wounded state and have the masses at heart are put in government of the state.

The vision bearer of the organization, Princess Chioma Amanze, said the organization has many strategies it would bring out and work with and it would also work with the Independent National Electoral Commission to ensure that people who are worthy were elected in 2019 general elections.

“Imo State is going to collapse totally if we do not gather to possess our possession. This is why we are going from local government to local government, we have to come together. This is the reason, it is a mass movement and we don’t have any particular aspirant or party in mind,” she said.

Chioma Amanze went further, we will only support those who are credible who will no longer enslave Imo people.

“The Organization aims at rebuilding what has been destroyed in Imo state and we will have a say in his government”