Abonnema: Residents flee as gunmen kill two soldiers at night


Abennema is on fire and residents are said to flee as news of two soldiers being killed last night hits the town. Sources said shooting is going on. It was gathered that Army sentry in the area was attacked and guns were stolen too.

The killing would bring to four the number of soldiers so far killed in about one week. Soldiers said the February 23, 2019 killing was as a result of an ambush by thugs on their way to Abonnema. But a group of women led by Ankkio Briggs said it was APC thugs that attacked the soldiers. One of the soldiers killed had just wedded three weeks earlier.

The last attack is said to have led to shootout as well as combing of Abonnema by soldiers in search of the suspected attackers. The action is however seen as a clampdown on the residents. Reports say many youths have been killed and others arrested.

Some persons have threatened a showdown with the Army and this may have led to the Saturday night attack. The result is exodus of residents who fear the worst. Many have lamented the gradual destruction of Abonnema, a city known for pleasure, parties and tourism.