Agric-econs professor wants to govern Imo but not do-or-die

  • Professor of Agric-Economics and one-time vice chancellor of the Federal university of Technology (FUTO), Jude Ejike Njoku, wants to be next governor of Imo State and apply his scientific gifts to transform the economy of the education-based state.

Njoku, a frontline governorship aspirant in the state in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Agricultural Economics, however, says that capturing political power should not be a do or die affair. He said it is the Almighty God that gives power and He gives it to any person for a purpose.

The former VC and an award-winner of the National Universities’ Commission ‘Best Vice Chancellor” expressed optimisms to win the PDP gubernatorial primaries in Imo State for the 2019 general elections.

“At the end of the day, if God wants you to get power He willprovide all the conditions necessary for you to capture power, no matter whatever may happen”, he said.

In a telephone interview, he said confirmed that he has purchased and and returned his governorship nomination forms.

On the role money would play, the professor said; “Of course, money will play a lot of role but I advise my well-wishers who know my capacity to fix Imo State and get things going again. I want the delegates in the the upcoming gubernatorial primaries to pray hard. I am optimistic and will emerge victorious”.

He added: “They should work hard, put in their best effort, make sure they did what they should do by canvassing to get votes from the delegates. God gives power. I have got. My chances are bright though the permutations change everyday. There were people who thought I was not going to buy the form, basing their judgment on that. Now that I have got it they have to think twice.”