Air Peace again: Lag-Abuja bound flight makes mid-air return after take-off


Air Peace last October nearly had a crash when one engine was suspected to have packed up with a bang on a PH-Lagos flight. The plane was eventually allowed to land at the international wing in Lagos where firefighters surrounded it in case of crash-landing and fire. Few weeks later, it had pressure problem on Lagos-Enugu flight. Passengers panicked as oxygen masks dropped.

Now, there was reported case of mid-air return due to sensor problem. Are the authorities not watching? All the signs are there, but is anybody taking action?


There was a near pandemonium onboard Lagos- Abuja Air Peace Monday morning when a Boeing 737-300 series flight number P47120 made a mid air return 15 minutes after take off.

Nanuwa Adebayo, the flight’s pilot who announced the mechanical fault, said it was a sensor problem, which was not giving correct information.

According to him, he needed to return back to Lagos which he did after another fifteen minutes. However, out of fear and apprehension, three passengers disembarked, while the Journey continued there after.  The 6.45 am flight eventually landed in Abuja at about 9.12am.

Meanwhile, aviation insurance expert on board the flight, Sunny Adeda, told newsmen that sensor fault is a mechanical problem.

He noted that it was a right decision by the pilot to have made a return since where he was going was farther than where he was coming from.

Adeda said such mechanical fault could affect landing if its managed for too long because speed will be difficult to control.

He stated that after the repair the flight was safe to fly.