Alert: Nine out of every 10 persons inhale polluted air, says Un SDGs expert, Dr Mina Ogbanga


Air pollution is now a global threat to every human on Earth, and should be a concern to the whole world. Cancer, respiratory diseases, lung damage, and carbon dioxide poisoning are just a few of the risks human are exposed to through air pollution.

This is one of the 17 reasons why SDGs has come to a push harder or smarter from where the MDGs stopped in 2015…..

Air pollution is fast attaining the status of a clear and present danger, requiring a state of emergency attitude to combat it today, according to Mr Atemie Anthony, who gave the keynote address on behalf of Tola Winjobi, the National Coordinator of Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development Goals (CSCSD).

This is one of the reasons why CSCSD ,a coalition of NGOs and Civil Society Organisations, has joined forces under this platform to push the SDGs agenda between 2015 and 2030.