Amaechi, Abe camps all claim court victory


*Amaechi camp says PH court failed to stop congresses that suit their camp

*Abe camp says Abuja appeal court failed to grant Amaechi’s wishes

Both the Chibuike Amaechi and Magnus Abe camps in the fueding Rivers APC have danced out, each claiming to have been favoured in the courts in Port Harcourt and Abuja. While the Amaechi camp said a PH court did not oblige Abe on a matter before it, the Abe camp said the Abuja appeal court failed to do Amaechi’s bidding.


Amaechi cam says PH judge was courageous:

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, a frontline APC chieftain has commended Hon Justice Chinwendu Nworgu of the Rivers State High Court for demonstrating that he is a man of integrity who will not allow his soul to be bought by some misguided and canny politicians in Rivers State.

Eze commended Justice Nworgu for been decisive and bold by discountenancing & refusing to deliver the concocted statement from Abe’s Camp that would have ridiculed his prized position as a Judge.

He revealed that Justice Nworgu bluntly refused to deliver a judgement concocted by the Legal Team of Senator Magnus Abe the Senator representing the South East Senatorial zone of Rivers State that would have caused unprecedented crisis in Rivers State that may have scuttled our nascent democracy.

Eze highlighted that Abe’s Legislative Aide, Kennedy Friday boasted some days ago of how they have prepared the judgement for Justice Nworgu that would have rubbished and finished the political career of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi the Minister of Transportation and leader of APC in the South South region of Nigeria which Justice Nworgu in his wisdom bluntly refused to deliver on 26th September, 2018 by 8pm. Eze wondered the type of judgment that will serve it’s purpose (JUSTICE) that would have been delivered during on unofficial hours.

“This is what desperation and over ambition can cause a man like Magnus Abe to do despite its adverse effect”. Eze further stated

Chief Eze in a press statement circulated to the media on Thursday further stated that Justice Nworgu need to be commended and congratulated for standing firm against the desperate and despicable acts of Senator Abe and his cohorts that thought because of unsolicited funds at their disposal that our Judiciary can easily be bought.

He blasted Senator Abe for taking his ambition to govern Rivers State too far by threatening to mobilise some youths to Abuja to protest against the National Working Committee (NWC) of our party because of her position to respect the feelings and position of the people of Rivers State for the party to organise an indirect primaries in order to forestall and frustrate the already plots by Governor Wike to mobilise PDP elements from Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom States to Rivers State to vote for Abe if we had accepted to have Direct Primaries. Eze commended the Rivers Stateyouths who refused such a plot of traveling to Abuja for any protest insisting that Abe and his family must lead the protest march if they must be mobilised.

Eze the National Publicity Secretary of the defunct New PDP (nPDP) pleaded with Comrade Adams Oshimohole not to be dismayed by the recent acts of Abe aimed to undermine his office and personality and understand and appreciate the pressure on Abe who is desperate to justify the huge funds that Governor Wike have expanded on him to destroy APC in Rivers State and from the look of things that project seems to be eluding him on daily basis.

Governor Wike apart from sponsoring the Thanksgiving Service/victory party of Senator Abe where key actors of both PDP and APC met to moot the idea to form the Reformed APC to weaken APC and make the reelection of President Buhari a daunting task. Eze further exposed that during the inaugural meeting of this group in Rivers State Government House, it was agreed that Abe should stay back in APC to carry out the gradual decimation of APC to reduce the influence of Amaechi within the political circle in Nigeria. The project sponsored by Governor Wike was coded, “Destroy APC! Destroy Amaechi!! Render PMB unelectable!!! so that he (Wike) will continue with his misrule and looting of the common patrimony of RiversState with impunity till 2023 when he intends to handover power to Senator Abe. The frustration to achieve this dastard act is the root cause of current Abe’s desperation not to spare the highly esteemed office of the National Chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshimohole not minding his efforts to reposition the party for greater heights in future.

Eze noted with nostalgia and sadness, that Senator Abe because of his drive for power could threaten to mobilise thousands of our youths to protest against the statutory stand of a national political party like APC if the party refuses to heed his warning that Direct primaries must be adopted for Rivers State chapter of APC as most unfortunate, unwise and illogical. “Politics shouldn’t be taken as a do or die venture but a desire to serve the people based on their acceptance and not by coercion” Chief Eze reiterated

He urged the good people of APC in RiversState not to panic or be jittery as the God we serve will always vindicate us no matter the odds.

He reasoned that with the jestisation of the arranged judgement to be delivered by Hon. Justice Nworgu now dumped in the dustbin, the party shouldn’t be distracted anymore by Abe and his group’s antics and antecedents so that APC can concentrate on how to mobilise the Rivers State people to ensure that Wike is voted out by 2019.

Finally, Eze counsels Senator Abe to leave Amaechi out of his self-inflicted political woes as it was not Amaechi that told him to take the party to court and refused to explore the provisions contained in the constitution of the party or was it Amaechi that influenced him to establish an illegal party structure in Rivers State without following due process. Eze advised that Abe should toe the path of peace and maturity and do the needful if he is still interested in the affairs of the party.

Abe camp celebrates Abuja appeal court verdict

Moves by the Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi faction of Rivers APC to vacate an Order of Mandatory Injunction issued by the High Court of Rivers State on the 30th of May, 2018, nullifying APC Congresses conducted in Rivers State on the 19th, 20th and 21st of May, 2018 which purportedly threw up Ojukaye Flag Amachree as State Chairman suffered a huge setback yesterday when a special panel set up by the President of Court of Appeal refused to vacate the Order.

Recalled that the congresses were conducted in blatant disobedience to a valid court order and the Court of Appeal frowned at that.

The Ojukaye faction had filed an appeal against the Order of Mandatory Injunction on the 12th of June, 2018, but due to Court vacation, the Appeal Court could not slate the appeal for hearing.

A special panel set up by the President of the Court of Appeal however sat to hear the appeal yesterday (Wednesday).

Among the prayers of the Amaechi faction was that the Court of Appeal should stay further proceedings on the matter in the trial court.

The faction also prayed the court to stay further execution of the Order of Mandatory Injunction nullifying the congresses of 19th, 20th and 21st of May, 2018.

The court of appeal refused to grant all the prayers and instead adjourned the matter to the 15th of October, 2018.

The implication of this development is that the Order of Mandatory Injunction nullifying the congresses of 19th, 20th and 21st of May, 2018, remains in force and valid.

That means that the APC cannot validly conduct any indirect primaries in Rivers State based on any delegate list drawn from the nullified congresses.

It means that there is no impediment on the trial court to continue with hearing and giving judgment on the merit of the case before it.

It will be recalled that the Amaechi faction has suffered three different setbacks at the Court of Appeal trying to vacate the orders of the High Court which constitute real legal impediment against the Ojukaye faction of the party.

(Signed: DIMA AGIOBU, Spokesperson, Freedom house)