Army, police clash averted in Bayelsa


Maturity on the part of some senior army officers and their police counterparts saved the day on Wednesday, April, 18, 2018, in a part of Yenagoa, where the rash actions of a soldier almost caused a shootout. Senior police officers restrained their angry colleague who wanted to fight it out with the rash solder. Two soldiers came in later to join in making peace. The residents cheered when reason prevailed and another day of violence was saved.


A clash between some officers of the Nigerian Army and Nigeria Police was averted Wednesday along Anyama Road in the Obogoro axis of Yenagoa the Bayelsa State capital.

Our source who was at the scene of the incident said trouble started when a young army officer of Northern descent alighted from a commercial motorcycle at a police check point mounted by men of the Anti-Robbery Squad, Azikoro Division.

The soldier went straight to the driver of a Toyota Hiace bus parked at the checking point and gave him a series of slaps to which the policemen objected saying he ought to have told them what was wrong before embarking on the violent action.

Rather than show courtesy to the older police officers, the young soldier shouted that the driver had tried to crush him at the Chinese Central Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC) section of the road where they are on guard duty.

But the policemen insisted that he should have shown courtesy to explain to them since they were the ones who stopped the vehicle for check and they would have assisted him in ensuring that the driver was arrested.

The soldier was however oblivious of their position and started dialing the number of his colleagues at CCECC but due to network failure, he asked a commercial motorcyclist to run and get his colleagues.

Meanwhile, the situation was getting out of hand as one of the police officers was brandishing his rifle menacingly although the senior officer displayed maturity while calming the situation.

The seriously aggrieved policeman then threatened to beat up the soldier saying he was ready to drop the gun if that was the fear of the soldier, and at that point, two other soldiers arrived at the scene.

The two soldiers spoke calmly to the policemen while trying to understand the cause of the problem and at that point, the angry policeman asked the onlookers to leave the scene immediately.

The charged atmosphere was defused after the young soldier left and his senior colleagues were able to remonstrate with the policemen to the delight of residents of the area who had feared for the worst.