As Nations bring cultures to World Cup: Croatia, Iceland prove that management is everything


Croatia and Iceland have again proved that countries must embrace management of resources to compete in the global arena, be it in sports, economy, social life or technology.

They have also proved like Switzerland has done that nations have to plan bottom up to grow and compete. Football has proved to be the arena to showcase the competences of nations.

Countries that are yet to embrace this culture are falling apart at the global soccer fiesta no matter the abundance of natural talents, just like nations no longer rely on natural resources but addition of technology and human capital.

European countries build from defence to attack and pay huge attention to compactness, doing everything right, waiting for the opponent to slip, and accuracy. In this era of ICT, prediction is precise and there are no exaggerations or guess work anymore. Pin-point prediction and decision now rule the worl. Those who still do not know this will serve those who know and do this.

Nigeria will file out this afternoon against one of the world’s most oiled systems of football, Iceland. Nigerians will as usual rely on raw energy, power, force, ambition, but precision may be the issue.

The team failed with an attempt at compact play which is the tradition of Europe but do you take coal to Newcastle? The team may change to out and out attack but that is what Iceland would be waiting for. If The Nigerian continue with compact play in their incompetent state, Iceland would wait them out and punish them. If they return to spreading and expressive football, Iceland will rejoice.

The lesson is that teams are no longer built in two years or without systems creation. The team will grown if kept together with their coach and with exit of Mikel Obi and Ighalo and addition of more pacy and tall young players that would be built around Iwobi and Simy Nwankwo. They will play both compact and creative football with perfection. That way, they will play like Mexico.