Belema signposts new tone as year ends


Two previous years before now, there was practically nothing to celebrate in the Niger Delta. Their first-ever son to be president just became the first civilian president to lose an election as incumbent. Recession caught up with everyone, and loss of revenue and jobs followed. Year ends were mourning moments in the region. To add to this agony, kidnapping rose to a new height, and violence took over as new religion.

In all of this Belemaoil seemed to take up the task of showing that life was not all lost. The company began to employ in hundreds, began to offer scholarships to community scholars, and began to open up supplies to businessmen. Execution of community projects began in earnest, yet, this was a company with only one oil field. The notion that arose was, if one oil field could fetch so much boost and thrust of happiness and optimism, could it be that oil was no more a curse?

Several bad boys became good boys overnight. One spot off Peter Odili Road near a river behind the dreaded Okujagu community where bad boys usually ran to (after committing) transformed to a modern jetty. Most of the bad boys were said to have become workers there. The place is still growing with construction and facilities on a daily basis. What with a modern bridge with lighting that tears along the side of the upcoming jetty. Bleak began to turn to boom. This must be why many youths clamour for the takeover of all other oil fields in their areas by Belemaoil but experts insist it is not done that way. Belema says it is rather prospecting for its own discoveries, whether takeover of oil fields materialised or not. Gas and refineries seem to be much in their vision.

So, as 2018 crept to an end, many corporations crawled out of their injured cocoons to host events to mark the year. Belemaoil was not left out as its workers staged one, and it turned out to be one of the most memorable ones. The entire grounds at L.A. Kings on Stadium Road moved with steam and heat, with fun and fare inside. Most young fellows who lost faith in the hydrocarbon industry and in fact wished the industry death turned to happy hosts beaming with smiles. Signs of what good income can do on a young graduate were written all over them.

Each time a to manager walked in, happy departmental workers would march him in like a wedding event. Workers looked truly happy doing this to their bosses, a sign that Nigerians can live in peace with their seniors or their betters, if the system is allowed to run with justice. It seemed there is personnel justice in that company.

An engineer, Mufaa Welsh, head of engineering and production, who stood in for the Founder/President, Jack-Rich Tein Jr, spoke loud and clear, saying Belema was the only one of its kind, founded by an Ijaw son from an oil community. He said the Founder had worked for decades in the hydrocarbon industry and may have known exactly what was missing and what was needed. He applied it to great magic.

The Founder, he said, carried a niche as a prosperous producer with robust community engagement approach called Belema Model. This has given rise roads, dredging, power supply, water supply scholarships in hundreds, and many more.

He said Belema has developed a security model with zero conflict that has been copied by other companies to operate in the oil region. Experts have hailed this feat. Belema, he said, has engaged teaming youths. He said hope has returned to the youths. Joy truly enveloped the centre and followed many home. This seemed the Belema way. Many wondered if this would be sustained in the region.