Benue: Gemade’s Jechira people endorse Ortom for re-election


Stakeholders drawn from Konshisha and Vandeikya local government areas of Benue State referred to as Jechira, have endorsed Gov Samuel Ortom for reelection in 2019.

Leader of the delegation, Senator Barnabas Gemade said Jechira remains committed to the reelection bid of the governor in next year’s elections after which the mantle would move to the area in 2023.

According to him, the Governor had risked his life for the sake of Benue people and what he deserved was reciprocation and not gang up by self seeking power mongers.

Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mr. Titus Uba and council Chairman of Konshisha, Mrs. Mwuese Ubebe, said the people of Jechira were unanimous in support of the Governor’s reelection, stressing that if he wanted, he would have mortgaged the future of Benue for his personal grains.

Other speakers including elders David Gbologidi, Namtsav Pever, Clement Azuanongo, Samuel Angya and Samuel Weghsha, all promised bloc votes for the Governor Ortom in 2019, saying they would be the first to reject any evil that stands in the way of the state.

Mrs. Rachael Yange and Rachael Negba who paid glowing tributes to wife of the Governor, Dr. Eunice Ortom, said Jechira women had resolved to follow in the foot steps of their husbands.

Mrs. Negba particularly noted that Governor Ortom had uplifted so many women through appointments and elective positions more than any other state in the country, adding that his commitment to empowering women was in line with one of the Millennium Development Goals.

Responding, Governor Ortom expressed appreciation to the people of Jechira for declaring their support for him, saying he was part of them.

The Governor stated that his only ‘sin’ was that he left the All Progressives Congress, noting that all petitions against him by his former party would end up in the dustbin.

He informed the crowd that the Commissioner of Police who supervised the illegal impeachment move against him had been redeployed out of the state, stressing that such a police commissioner was not fit to work in a democratic setting.

Professor Dennis Ityavyar Vanguard for Ortom 2019, presented an award of Hero of Democracy to Governor Ortom for his landmark achievements in the face of financial constraints and insecurity.