Benue PDP joins to attack Akume for attacking Ortom


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue State has viewed as most unfortunate public attacks by Senator George Akume against the person and office of the Governor of the state, during one of which, recently in Abuja, the Senator, citing a number of reasons, went as far as calling on the Presidency to move against Gov. Samuel Ortom.

Benue PDP condemns this latest action of Senator Akume against Gov. Ortom for the very reason that it falls short of the standard of conduct required of one who previously was himself Governor.

As well, the Benue North-West (Zone ‘B’) Senator has, by his latest outings added credence to growing public perceptions that he is lacking in genuine sense of collective stakeholding and commitment to the Benue project.

Questions which have arisen for contemplation here include;


It cannot be denied that Senator Akume was instrumental to the emergence of Ortom as candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 governorship race, following which he (Ortom) emerged from that election to become governor of Benue State. Yet, Akume himself was pushed, above better qualified aspirants, to the governorship of the state in 1999 by Engr Barnabas Gemade, following which he (Akume) acquired the clout to influence anyone’s rising to any position at all.

It is therefore, an established norm with mankind that men make men, but it is equally a cardinal requirement of wisdom that such men made must still remain men and not vaunt themselves in vainglory to the ethereal status of gods.

However, carried away by the influence which came to him from being made governor, Senator Akume has since deemed himself a god, a maker of men, and with such feelings of ethereal grandeur has come the notion that he can as well bring down men. This much the Senator has been reflecting in his words which are harsh on the ordinary people whom he views and insults as “animals” and as well on other leaders who are nothing but his creations, including even those like Engr Gemade and Dr. Iyorchia Ayu whom he served and who lifted him to power and prominence.

It is the same attitude Senator Akume maintains towards the person and office of the Governor of the state, whom he has variously insulted in public as “something he picked from the gutter”, “a common thief” and the likes, not minding that he was once an occupant of that same office, and in his time he was totally incapable of bearing even the slightest of criticism, no matter how constructive it was.

Proof of Akume’s high-handedness and intolerance against opposing views while he was governor can be found in countless graves of those murdered in politically motivated violence under his watch, in his native Tarka, in Kwande and Gwer-East, where thugs and militia unleashed mayhem on opponents of his regime.

Senator Akume’s attitude and conduct towards the person and office of the Governor of Benue State falls grossly short of the civility, maturity and decorum required of one of his status as a former occupant of that same venerated office, and such should be condemned in the strongest possible terms by all well meaning people.


Senator Akume has for some time now resorted to an obviously desperate brand of politics, one which has become quite acute lately following the departure of Gov. Ortom from the Senator’s political stable. Previously known to have stood with the governor on virtually everything, the Senator has turned against his erstwhile ally and can be seen to be sparing nothing in his obvious quest to bring him down.

The Benue Zone ‘B’ Senator threw caution to the winds in his latest attack on Gov. Ortom at the Press Conference he addressed in Abuja, where he rallied a battle cry to all forces he could have access to, including his masters in Aso Rock, in a desperate bid to bring down the governor. In Abuja Akume, as the Americans would say, “threw everything at his adversary (Gov. Ortom) including the kitchen sink”, and in his desperation could be seen his lack of a sense of stakeholding in the Benue project. Senator Akume showed in Abuja that Benue might as well burn so long as in its ashes at the end of the day would lay the ruins and remains of his erstwhile ally now turned enemy, Gov. Samuel Ortom.

But the people are not so blind that they cannot see this desperation of the one time governor of the state, now turned campaign co-ordinator for the President who has been the most unfriendly to the state since its creation. Indeed Akume’s open support for President Buhari and his willingness to use same support to incite and aggravate an already strained relationship between the Presidency and Gov. Ortom is most unfortunate.

The bottom line to this is that Senator Akume has chosen to place his quest for continued political relevance above what should be for us all the Benue project which is what represents the collective idea of our being a people bound by a common identity, heritage and interests. But the people are ever mindful of this, and it will be the duty of every well meaning Benue son and daughter to ensure that the Benue North-West Senator and his Abuja masters and their political interests are rejected at the polls in 2019.

Benue State, even if peopled by “animals”, remains greater than any one leader, no matter how connected in Abuja such a leader might be, and when the chips are down those animals reserve the right to choose who rules over them and who doesn’t.

(Signed: Bemgba Iortyom, State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Benue State.)