Buhari in PH: Amaechi says Wike wants to trade off presidential for governorship election


Could it be true that Governor Nyesom Wike is making offers to whomever; ready to secure his governoship ambition and trade off the presidential? This is what his arch-rival and former ally, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi revealed at the rally.

Speaking earlier, former governor of the state and the sitting governor’s bitterest rival, Amaechi, who is the Director-General of Buhari Reelection Campaign Organization, accused Gov Wike of lobbying the powers that be to be returned as governor for a second term.

Amaechi said: “Whatever Nyesom Wike and the PDP want in Rivers State, we are equal to the task. Wike is lobbying us to give him governor and in return, he will support us for President.” These seemed to shock the crowd.

Amaechi has a penchant for earthshaking revelations, and this often attracts opprobrium to him. He was the one who revealed in 2015 that CAN collected N6Bn to help Goodluck Jonathan win. Pastors rebuked him and even asked him to mention names. He stuck to his gun, but months later, the Dasuki vouchers revealed much more than that.

It was Amaechi who hinted close friends that the Dollar would fly soon after the 2015 elections because the presidency was barely holding it. It happened, up to N520 per Dollar, from N198. Amaechi also predicted that the political crisis in Rivers State that started in 2012 would drag for a very long time. He asked his aides that may not last long to better resign early. Today, the crisis gets deeper.

No response has come from Gov Wike on ths so far, but when it will, it may be another earthquake. That has been the lot of the bitter wars between both kinsmen ad former political allies.