Customs in Imo impounds vehicles worth N227m


In continuation  of its activities the Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operation Unit, Zone “C” Owerri, Imo state  has  seized 11 exotic cars worth Duty Paid Value(DPV) of N227,057,000 between January and March, 2019, Olusemire Kayode, the Customs Area Controller said.

Breaking down the seized vehicles with the respective DPVs, at Customs Warehouse Aduwawa Benin City, Edo state on Friday, Customs Area Controller, Kayode Olusemire stated that the DPV of 2013 model amoured Range Rover (Super Charge) was N16, 771,000, while 2012 model Rolls Royce was N87, 480,000.

He said, “The DPVs of 2013 model of Mercedes Benz G63 (Brabus) is N60,000,000, 2013 model Mercedes Benz (ML 350) is N12,650,000, while 2018 model of Toyota Land Cruiser is N23,000,000. For 2010 model of Lexus (RX350), the DPV is N9, 000,000 while 2008 model of Mercedes Benz (ML 350) is N5, 700.00.

“We also have 2011 model of Toyota Highlander which has DPV of 7,185,000, 2018 model of Toyota Hilux with DPV of 29,160,000, 2016 model of Mercedes Benz (GLE 450) with DPV of 20,411,000 and 2008 model of Mercedes Benz (ML 350) with DPV of N46,000,000”, saying also that the seizures were made along the Benin axis by the intelligent customs operatives of the command.

He regretted that in spite of the campaigns by the Nigeria Customs Service on the Television and over the radio stations that smugglers were still bent on thwarting the economy of the nation by their illicit business.

“It is pertinent to state at the point that what Nigerians should be interested in is to help in revamping the dwindling nation’s economy by paying the necessary duty on such vehicles and other goods brought into the country,” Olusemire said.

The Customs boss however, noted that cars were not contraband goods but frowned at the rich and wealthy Nigerians who would have the flair to drive such cars without paying any duty on them.

“I therefore appeal to Nigerians to desist from buying and smuggling in such exotic cars that run in millions of naira without paying the commensurate duty on them”, and advised those in international business to always look for Form “M” for a guide in their business ventures.

Olusemire urged innocent Nigerians to always ask for the “C” number of vehicles they wanted to buy before buying them and contact any Customs “F” Desk for confirmation, “they are equally to confirm the End Users Certificate. This is to control the smuggling activities in the country”.

“Some indecent Nigerians should stop the act of smuggling. This is because we will not rest on our oars to ensure that any smuggled vehicle, no matter from any axis under FOU Zone “C” jurisdiction is intercepted, arrested and seized and only to be released if the duty on it is paid to the last kobo”, Seizing the cars and paying the duty to the last kobo will act as a deterrent to both smugglers and buyers,” Olusemire subscribed.