Dagogo’s thoughts on 2019 elections

  • Where is the difference between PDP and APC?
  • Apathy?Apprehension?Colossal betrayal of the people by INEC and Security forces ? Untold violence? The list can go on and on.But like it or not the elections will come and go, while the echoes will make the headlines.But where are the lines of departure or convergence between the ruling APC and the opposing PDP?

    Tough question!

    Can the lines be visibly clear during the debates? By the way, how do fourscore and ten presidential aspirants debate? It is looking like a marathon run by lunatics. But that’s fine.Our democracy is made in Nigeria and must be seen as such.

    Elsewhere, issues on the economy, foreign relations, domestic policy, taxation and rights- fundamental as well as spurious -would take center stage with the incumbent receiving flak or accolade, depending on the performance.In this case, how has the ruling APC performed? Are Nigerians happier today than four years ago? What of disaster or emergency management?

    While the security forces struggled to stop terrorists and those who kill for sport, the flood is marching on 12 states caring little about region or religion.Also ,the price of Kero  and PMS refuse to discriminate between  supporters of President Buhari and the other candidates.Policy flops resulted in the loss of 9 m jobs in the past 3 years.

    Sure, Buhari got something right in the manner he projected Nigeria’s power in the Gambian debacle, ousting President Jammeh. Jammeh ruled for over two decades and made his followers believe in his superhuman intelligence.He was the only one who cured HIV-Aids.

    This was peddled and some of us waited for his nomination to win the Nobel prize in medicine or magic.Sadly, there was none in the latter subject.That was the man that PMB drove away and saved that country from protracted civil strife.

    Nigerians stowed away in their numbers through the Sahel, most of them dying prematurely. Others were killed in SA, at the slightest provocation. There are other matters arising, which are of critical importance yet not properly addressed. The latest of this is the one sided appointments PMB made recently.The other is the  Kemi Adeosun certificate scandal.Will these contradictions stop PMB?

    For the wrong reasons, PMB remains the man to beat.And he can be beaten but that will depend on a unifying ,charismatic candidate with formidable organization and serious money.I  forget that the Judges will hold the last card: green or red.

    * Dagogo Gershom Josiah is a public affairs analyst, former adjunct professor of Language Arts