Degree not the ultimate these days – Kogi education boss


Delta State is pushing what they call ‘Sabificate’ over certificate. Now, Kogi State wants a system that de-emphasises mad rush for acquisition of certificates. For this reason, Nigerians have been urged to de-emphasize the higher premium usually placed on formal education to get degrees as it it is no long er valid based on the current economic realities.

The Commissioner for Education, Rosemary Ojochenemi Osikoya, stated this during the maiden matriculation of new intakes into the Nigeria – Korea Friendship Institute in Lokoja over the weekend. She insisted that emphasis should be shifted to vocational education to get equipped with skills and also have opportunity to meet daily needs and make impact on the society.

Osikoya also said it is the major drawback that has set the Nigerian economy in the backwaters.

Many observers decry the situation whereby grown up children in a household would be moping when electric bulbs blow, when generating sets go bad, when telephone hnandsets need attention, etc, instead of them knowing how to repair them.

This has created a new generation of over-dependent adults who must pay for every small service including dry cleaning. Many young persons parade from office to office with certificates without schools and competences to add.

The educationist said whereas employers wants skills, job seekers otften have nothing to offer apart from their general education backed by degree certificates.