Delta Community in high spirit over huge harvest despite flood in the state


By Mercy Azuka, Asaba

Though several communities of Delta State were ravaged by flood which claimed their properties and farmlands even lives, resulting in their counting huge losses even as the flood receded, there are however, communities that were not affected by flood, thus enabling their land to yield great proceeds this harvest season.

Ejeme Aniogor Community in Aniocha Local Government Area of the state, is one the communities that were not affected. The people of this community, otherwise, called Ejeme Aniogor Kingdom, are therefore in high spirit, thanking God for great proceeds as they harvest crops from their farms.

 According to them, it is a thing of joy to them and worthy of celebration that no one among them suffered loss in the course of the year as their community was not affected by flood or any other natural disaster.

Ejeme Aniogor is an agrarian town that has large expanse of land. The town is known for its rich agricultural heritage as it is a place where the oil palm revolution called the Tree Crop Unit (TCU)  began a long time ago.  From this town, oil palm nursery gets to other part of the state, making Delta to be a state rich in oil palm production.

Speaking to BDSunday following the New Yam Festival of the community recently, the Ejeme Aniogor traditional ruler, Anthony Onwelikwu Ogboli, described the year’s harvest as very nice and beautiful.

“The harvest is nice and beautiful and you can see it in the way the people are rejoicing. We are not in pain; we are celebrating because God made it possible for everybody to be happy. There was no person that said he lagged behind.  Whatever they planted yielded something for them; even myself, I am saying that it (the year’s harvest) was success all through.

Most people who celebrate new yam festivals do so around July and August when the first set of fruits are harvested. They also ensure the first fruits of their harvest are dedicated to God or their gods according to their beliefs, before they could eat from the proceeds. Ogboli explained why the Ejeme-Aniogor people celebrate theirs during the ember months.

“We are celebrating the new yam festival in this season because that is the time our products can come out. The major crop is yam. This is the time we can harvest our yam and that is why we make it this season and they named it New Yam Festival. The festival includes other crops. Once you celebrate new yam festival, you celebrate other crops not just yam.         

The monarch declared, “We are celebrating to thank the Almighty God for seeing us through the whole farming season to the end, from January to this October/November.  We were in the bush, cultivating and finally came out with something.”

He attributed the peace in the community to the power of God and thanked God for helping him rule the people peacefully, adding that the people have benefitted from his six years of reign in the areas of good road network, social amenities, political appointments from the state government and more.

He thanked the state government for building a primary school of higher standard in the area but appealed that a higher institution be built in the kingdom because there is adequate land in the LGA that could be used for that purpose.