Dr Monday Okonny demands 13% committee in Rivers


* Urges Wike to light all parts of the state to curb killings

An elder in Rivers State, Dr Monday Levy Okonny, a major stakeholder in the Rivers Elders Forum, wants a committee to handle 13 per cent allocations to the state. He has also proffered ideas on how to stop killings, and hinged it on lighting all roads in the state.

He said, “Internally the Rivers people are agitated that in the midst of wealth, the poverty amongst the Rivers people is worst in the country. Fathers can’t pay their children’s school fees, they cannot take care of their wives; they cannot maintain anything. So most times they see this wealth from the oil industries in the hands of other people and this agitates them, something has to be done”.

Continuing, Dr Okonny said one of the things that should be done to curb the killing and kidnapping along the Port Harcourt – Ahoada Road is to light the road on both sides as well as the middle of the road. He said with lights illuminating that axis of the road and other parts of the state, it will curb crime in the state.

He said another thing that the state governor must do for the state in his second term in office is to ensure that he lights every part of Rivers State. He said Rivers people were not supposed to lack light supply because the gas that is used to supply light is produced and flared in the state.

He said a lot of questions have been asked about the 13 per cent derivation. “How are we spending it? Is it getting to every ward and local government in the state? The other states which have committees where they disburse their derivation. In Rivers State nobody talks about anything and we don’t know how it has been disbursed. All the youths are angry about their condition as poverty is in high rate due to unemployment in the state.”