Education: Do like the Germans – Rabboni Bells founder


education must aim to make the youths think outside the box right from primary school. The new generation must adopt entrepreneurial spirit learnt from school. I all, Nigerian education objective must be like the German prototype. This is what led an engineer, Basil Chukwuemeka Nwosu, to establish his own school, Rabboni Bells International, which is now at full primary level, ready to go into secondary school level by 2020.

Rabboni Bells has secured government approval in a state where over 423 schools did not make it this term.

In an interview, the founder said the philosophy of the school is to apply practice-based learning to shape a child so as to reflect this in the society later. He said entrepreneurship is key of every education system; to show kids how to think outside the box.

The man whose passion for teaching seems to have no end opened Rabboni in 2017 and his wife, Nnenna, is the proprietress while he does not mind teaching all the way. He said: “We adopt pragmatic teaching and use Nigerian and British curriculum.”

The key objective at Rabboni Bells is to get to the inner mind of a child and use interactive approaches to draw out the inner mind of a child. This is because formal examination may not be the best way to find out the true level of a child’s brilliance or knowledge.

He said the school is designed to fit into international partnerships especially the German way of learning and reasoning. There is no pressure to sort for grades because the child is capable. Yet, the fees there are very affordable.

The stand outs at Rabboni Bells include; No ugly incidents in our school. Proper procedures, close circuit cameras, etc. School is government-approved. CCTV, highly qualified teachers, facilities in each classroom, sanitary conditions are top gear, inverter system to give steady power supply, audio visual way of teaching to make the child see things. Robotics and artificial intelligence are the new frontiers in child education. “We embrace machine learning and coding so that kids can start thinking of developing apps. Children must be groomed to think of creating jobs instead of creating the hunger for paid jobs. German schools: We align our schools to German teaching so our children can easily fit into their system. Basic German language is taught here. Health: We are partnering with Althahaus Hospital right by our side for easy treatment through a health scheme. It gives huge relief to parents. Over-crowing is bad, not only just for health but for lack of close attention. So we have a teacher to 15 pupils. Appeal: Come and see what we have done. This is a great privilege.”