Fake churches to disappear soon – Apostle Barnabas


Are you a fake pastor or is your ministry one for commercial services instead of drive for salvation? Do you charge fees to sell miracles or do you allow God determine what comes to you as you truly serve Him? Then, this warning is for you.

The General Overseer (GO) of God’s Love International Ministries, aka, Power Holy Ghost Arena, Apostle A O Barnabas, has promised that very soon most fake churches in Nigeria would close shop and the buildings turned into warehouses, schools and hospitals.

The man of God was speaking on Sunday at the end of the 2018 youth week of the church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

According to him “The activities of these Pastors are carnal, the foundation of these churches are  fetish and abominations in the eyes of God no sooner God wrath will fall on them Pastors, their buildings used as hospitals, Schools and  warehouses”.

He further disclosed that some even bury pregnant women, virgins, and animals at their altars in order to acquire fake powers to manipulate their members.

Instead of seeking the face of the true God that l serve that is a jealous God, they go for short cuts in acquiring fake powers from the marine world, India secret societies, and cults so as to manipulate those that come in contact with them.

He said the wrath of God would soon fall on leaders of these fake churches who preach material things instead of spiritual and heavenly things and the Salvation of souls.

Apostle Barnabas advised youths of the church in particular not to engage in negative behaviours that would portray the Church in bad faith.

The man of God warned the political class on the danger ahead of them.

Hear him: “As we enter the next political phrase in the history of our country, God will strike down any politician that would want to use any of you for their political and selfish gains.” My mission according to him is to bring old time religious practice at this particular time when everyone seems to have lost hope in the body of Christ which has never changed despite the desperations of those in charge (bishops, pastors, etc).

Reminding men of God that they were burden-carriers in the temple of God, he said: “My personal observation these days is that most pastors like comfort zones instead of burdens”.

Apostle Barnabas further disclosed that no longer will youths of the country be used to foment evils in Nigeria.

Advising the political class not to turn Nigeria into battlefield because of their political, selfish and commercial greed, he made it clear that the country belongs to God. “The political rules should be strictly followed so that unnecessary arson, bloodshed or vandalism is averted”, he stated.