Fireworks over APC mega rally in Kogi:


PDP: You wasted N2Bn when workers are not paid

APC: No, we buried your hopes for 2019

The mega rally organised by Governor Yahaya Bello over the weekend has been described as a colossal waste of the state meagre resources.

Kogi state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP )said the rally to  have  cost the state #20million at a time when salaries and pensions were not forthcoming was wicked, inhuman , callous and insensitive to the plight of the people of Kogi state.

“This rally has shown clearly that Governor Yahaya Bello lacks the fear of God and does not understand the basic dynamics of governing a state.
Bello’s spending of a whooping N2billion tax payers fund to organise a rally that is of no significance to the lives and well-being of Kogi People is disheartening and a glaring show of man’s inhumanity against man.”

According to a statement signed by Achadu Dickson, Director Research and Documentation, wondered why Gov Bello, would dole out N750, 000 per unit in mobilization, while council administrators were also directed to mobilize 500 persons at N5000 per person when INEC has not announced the commencement of political activities.

The statement went ahead to described the purchase of Vehicles, by the Governor, using tax payers money to distribute and fund an illegal State executive, an action the National APC has already described as wrongfully constituted, as wickedness of the highest order when salaries of some workers in the state is still being owed in arrears of some cases twenty two months.

The PDP says it sympathises with Kogi State people over the hardship they are currently facing under the present administration, but assured that it would only be for awhile, as his actions are those of a drowning man.

The party said it is worrisome that a governor who is planning to sell off state assets to fund 2018 budget could hire a private jet for the APC National Chairman, to attend the cash and carry jamboree in Kogi State.

The PDP also accused the governor of diverting two months Local Government Council allocation for the months of January and February 2018 to fund the jamboree in Lokoja at the expense of workers’ emoluments.
The PDP says Governor Bello would certainly account for all the several billions he has collected on behalf of people of the state, as judgment day is soon to catch up with him.

The PDP calls on INEC to investigate the early campaign by Gov Bello and the APC, while it call on the EFCC to probe into the allege spending of N2billion by the governor to organize a wasteful rally, when the governor cannot pay workers salaries, with infrastructure development lacking in the past two years of Gov Bello’s, since his assumption as appointed Governor.

Governor’s aide:

In his reaction to PDP accusation, the Director General Media and Publicity to the governor , Kingsley Fanwo said  PDP is “lazy, uncoordinated and disingenuous.  The issue of rented crowd is an insult to the pride of Kogi people.  We are people with dignity and not tubers of yam that could be bought.

“The Saturday Rally was the final burial of the hope of PDP to come back to Lugard House. They have lost all their polar powers to the APC and in expressing their bitterness, have resorted to insulting the people of Kogi State. ” He added
He said that PDP should apologize to Kogi people and move on to play the role of an opposition.

‘They have been affected by the Arms Deal billions that are no more flowing. APC has come to stay in Kogi State. The people are wiser now. They are no more taken in by cheap blackmail and lazy propaganda,”he said.