From PH to Owerri: Investment and financial strategies to make it big despite economic downturn


· The secrets of  Returns Market Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Ltd and what the President told Imo people

By Ignatius Chukwu & Sabi Elemba

Owerri, the capital of Imo State, had witnessed many troubles like most other cities; from Covid pandemic, recession, EndSARS troubles, and unknown gunmen. Yet, one Bayelsa-born but Port Harcourt-based financial expert and wealth creator, Walter Oyubu, caused uproar and laughter in Owerri two weeks back when he showed them how to invest without fear.

Oyubu, President of the much-talked about Returns Market Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited (RMMCSL) which most persons prefer to simply call ‘Returns Market’ stated at the event that he makes sure that everybody that does business with RMMCSL is happy.

Though PH is their headquarters, he said the organization is heading to Lagos and Abuja, saying two governors may soon do business with Returns Market. “This can only be God and we give him all the glory.”

Oyubu spoke when Returns Market clocked one year in Owerri. He said Owerri is actually a special place in his heart because his mentor hails from the area and he had made a solemn pledge to reward his mentor by bringing the business to his place. “We have been here for one year and nobody is complaining. Everybody that has made contributions in RMMCSL has got 10 per cent at the end of every month.”

Giving insight into the successful operations of the cooperative society in the past five years, he regretted that many groups had come to Owerri and left with tears in the city as most persons lost their savings. He warned against those he termed ‘Come and Go’ organizations. He said they are known with offering high monthly dividends of up to 30 per cent. 

He revealed his background and training, saying he learnt when he worked with a CBN consultant. “After learning it, I wanted to understand the nitty-gritty behind the financial market. Knowing something is different from having the working knowledge of that thing. That is why most companies today in Nigeria have folded up especially when it comes to investment. Finance business is not meant for everybody.”

He went on: “It is not a business you do to impress anybody. We do what is obtainable and what is doable in the market. For the past five years in Port Harcourt and environs, we have used this business to touch different lives; we have individuals that use this to stabilise their businesses. One member in Owerri has revealed to us how he has used this to grow his capital from N20m to N42m.  No business in Nigeria can give you such returns. Safety of your money is what is most important. 

“Do not venture into a business you are not sure of. We showcase how the money is made. I once showed you people here in Owerri how we made N30m. Before you invest your money, be sure how the money is made. Last year, we showed how N100m was made. We will show how N300m was made in pandemic time. We will show Lagos people how N1Bn was made. We show everything.

“The question is, what has sustained RMMCSL in business for five years? Number one is, the grace of God. Next is the working out of what is obtainable and sustainable Three, we talk of financial integrity. It means full confidence. Do not rob them of their hard earned money. If your financial integrity is not sound, people will not trust their money with you.

“The secret of RMMCSL success is banking instrument. This is a finance instrument being used by first class banks such as Bank of America. These are market leaders. Without these, we will not know the direction of the market. For instance, in the heat of Covid-19, crude oil gave us huge money. Crude oil was $45 and crashed to $13 per barrel; we made money. In the same quarter, the market started going up. In December of same year (2020), the price got to $56 per barrel. Imagine you invested in a commodity at $13 and it got to $56. I have said it before that if the Federal Government decides to give RMMCSL half of the budget of Nigeria, give us one year period, we will deliver the full budget to the FG.”

Oyubu made it clear that professionalism is the hallmark of the Returns Market group. “We do not joke with our job, from the least person to the highest. That is why RMMCSL has been in the market for five years.

Away from the finance market, the President said the organization has diversified into other businesses some of which would also get into Owerri. Some of them are in production sector, online taxi hailing business, security services, etc.

 He disclosed thus: “We look at the security of your money. It is measured in two ways; asset base of the company. RMMCSL is sitting on asset base worth billions of naira. You are rest assured that your dividend and capital are secured. Apart from that, you also look at insured funds and RMMCSL is sitting on insured funds of hundreds of millions of naira. So, you have rest of mind.   In Nigeria at today, there is nowhere you invest your money that will give you 10 per cent outside Returns Market”.

(Culled from Garden City Business Digest, BusinessDay)