From the Social Media: Why Atiku will win landslide victory, come February 16

Atiku Abubakar 2011 President campaign Photo by ©mortenfauerby 2010 - all rights reserved

y: Solomon Asha

I want to state unequivocally that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, a

pan-Nigerian political colossus of progressive breed, a philanthropist

of undisputable repute and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) flag

bearer in this Saturday, February 16, General Elections will have a

landslide victory over the incumbent, President Muhammadu Buhari, who

is from the same ethnic extraction like himself.

I’m so confident that Atiku will carry the day because from the

various political analysis, mock online voting, the size of crowd that

attends the various campaign rallies of the two rival presidential candidates

to the street talks of the ordinary Nigerians who are mostly affected

positively or negatively by government actions and inactions, a sum up

lucidly indicates that 85 percent of Nigerians can’t wait to have a

brand new government in Aso Rock from May 29, 2019, except those few

cabal benefitting legally and illegally from the present

administration in Abuja.

Some of my friends and colleagues have expressed concern that I’m so

optimistic over Atiku victory when there were clear signs that the

government in power was unwilling to relinquish powers, but rather bend

on rigging the elections from the recent happenings in the country,

especially the attack on the Judiciary arm of government and the CJN

in particular.

Yes, I want to unequivocally reiterate that Atiku will clinch the

coveted number one political seat in Nigeria come February 16, and

that I’m equally aware of the happenings in the country and the

tendencies of the powers that-be not to play according to the rules of

the game, including the recent threat to foreign observers of the

elections by the Kaduna state governor, Mr.  Nasir, Ahmad El-Rufai

that any foreigner who interfere in the nation’s affairs will be

returned in body bags.

I know that the destiny of any nation like an individual is in the

hands of the Almighty God, and the concern of God as regards any

nation is the welfare of His children within the boundaries of such a

nation as expressly stated in the bible Book of Jeremiah 29: 11 that,

“For I know the thoughts I that think toward you, saith the Lord,

thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end”.

Because man’s destiny and that of nations lie in God’s hand and the creator’s

desire for us irrespective of our socio-economic, cultural, ethnic

and religious background or affinity is for each individual to realize

his or her full potentials, live happily, peacefully with one another

and respect one another’s rights, privileges and have the right

environment to exist and to worship Him.

I’m more than confident that God has anointed Atiku to assume

the leadership of this nation from May 29 because millions of other

Nigerians from all over the country across religious,

socio-economic backgrounds are suffering, crying and praying both in

public and in their private houses and hamlets for their God to take

this bitter and unbearable cup away from them.

Like it was in the days of old that God listened to the cries of his

people under oppressive leaders, so it is this day  that He

will hear and intervene to redeem the people. I’m not afraid because

men in places of authority occupy such positions at the instance of

God, and when such leaders choose to look God straight in the face by

their thoughts and actions, He would always prove to them that He is

the Governor of the entire universe, seen and unseen. Indeed, no man, no matter how strong he may think himself to be can counsel God or play pranks with God.

History is indeed replete with the battles between God with the people on

one side and oppressive authorities on the other hand; from Pharaoh of

Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

Within the continent of Africa, we are all aware of dictators/leaders from the likes of Idi Amin Dada of Uganda to Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, not to mention dictators back home such as our own Sani Abacha who turned against

their own people and God.

Rather than fighting fruitlessly to subvert the democratic

institutions and processes to his advantage and go against the will of

God, President Buhari should ask himself why is it that most Nigerians of all background are willing to vote Atiku and have another

Fulani man as their President if the fight against him was that he is a Fulani man?

The overwhelming support Atiku enjoyed from the PDP delegates in the

last PDP national delegates Primaries in Port Harcourt (where he he

pulled a total of 1532 votes from across the country which by God’s

grace) will culminate in his election as the 5th elected president of

Nigeria since 1999. This was a clear indication that Nigerians of other

tribes have no particular dislike for the Fulani people as a tribe but

those who spread terror across the country in the name of Fulani herdsmen, just as

they would dislike evil-doers from other tribes and those who are

constitutionally empowered to protect all Nigerians but prefer to look

the other way like Empire Nero did when Rome was burning.

President Buhari should sit back as a leader personally (without his

appointees who will never tell him the truth because of their own

bellies) and then reflect on why Nigerians are so angry with his

administration, and why Nigerians are of strong opinion that his rule

has brought untold hardship upon them and that the so-called change of

the APC was actually chains around the neck of Nigerians.

Having been a beneficiary of a free, fair and transparent election

under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in 2015, and having openly

and in emotional manner assured Nigerians that the good gesture of

Jonathan will become standard for leaders to willingly accept defeat

and would be a civilize  reference point in our democratic journey, it would be sheer disaster for Buhari to eat back his words, the global community he praised in

2015 for intervening to save our democracy and Nigeria from burning is

equally watching to see whether he will or will not honour his words

and equally save the country from burning.

The question is, why are most Nigerians clamoring for the emergence of the Atiku/Obi ticket under the platform of PDP in the Saturday’s Presidential elections, and not the incumbent after voting for him in 2015? Besides the well-articulated and unambiguous manner of the Atiku’s policy document or what I call his agreement with Nigerians and also his development compass or roadmap, which I

succinctly brought out in my last article, titled, “Atiku Abubakar:

When an Emancipator/Liberator comes to town,” published a day after his Presidential campaign rally in Calabar, Cross River state, the other reasons why Nigerians are strongly waiting for an Atiku presidency include the fact of the huge successes and with efficiency with which the Adamawa-born politician runs his fleet of businesses. He will surely impact on the economy of the nation.

Nigerians are also aware that the qualities that make Atiku pull through all obstacles in his personal life as the only surviving child of his parents will equally work for him getting the country out of the present economic waterloo.

Born on November 25, 1946, to Garba Abubakar, a Fulani trader and his mother, Aisha Kande, Atiku Abubakar has proved over the years that he was born as a child of destiny and a survivor.

The overwhelming number of millions of Nigerians know that the of Turaki of

Adamawa is a very pragmatic, broad minded, pan-Nigerian politician who plays inclusive/progressives politics of the  legendary Yar’Adua family. He is a highly detribalized leader both in politics and domestic level, and also a consummate philanthropist whose heart of gold is not checkmated by religion, political, tribal/ethnic  and social colorations, and as such, he will be a president for all Nigerians, and not a tribal or sectional leader.

Another aspect that gives Atiku Abubakar a strong edge over other

candidates in the 2019 general elections is his vast experience and investments in the agro-allied industries, real estate sector, shipping/maritime industry, media, and the the establishment of the American University of Nigeria. He gave more than 50, 000 employments to Nigerians, making him one of the private sector largest employer of labour in the country, though many have challenged these figures of employment.

In the area of charity, Atiku Abubakar’s gesture and kind-heartedness is legendary as in 2012, he donated 750,000 US Dollars to the National Peace Corps Association; sponsored student’s essay competition to find solution to Nigeria’s pressing institutional needs, as well as issued scholarships to some Chibok Girls who escaped

from the Boko Haram stronghold, among so many other gestures.His contributions to the development of Nigerians and his own home town led to the conferment of the title of the Waziri of Adamawa on him by the traditional rulers’ council for his unselfish contributions to the development of his state; this is outside the title of the Turaki of Adamawa. Atiku was also honoured in 2013 with the Harris

Wofford Global Citizen Award for his contributions towards the development of tertiary education in Nigeria by the National Peace Corps association.  It is therefore not a surprise that even before his winning the PDP presidential ticket, more than 300, 000 Nigerians clamoured for Atiku to contest this year’s presidential elections holding this Saturday.

Atiku’s interest to see Nigeria return to true federalism through the restructuring of the country, his successes in the public and private endeavours including political positions, his nationalistic view in playing politics, his philanthropic capacity and his goodwill among top investors across the world, among others are those qualities which Nigerians saw that they will be coming out in their millions this Saturday to vote him as their president and  it is that same qualities that PDP saw that the party entrusted him with the party flag.

Nigerians are also aware that Atiku’s good nature extends to the matrimonial level where his four wives cut across the former three regions of Nigeria, thereby reinforcing his ardent stand on not just one Nigeria, but Nigeria that would be properly restructured to allow every part of the country to development at its pace and having access to its God given resources and to be treated equally as a Nigerian from any other part of the federation would be treated.

For avoidance of doubt, Amina Titi Abubakar the first wife of the Turaki of Adamawa, Atiku Abubakar is from Ilesha, in Osun state;Princess Rukaiyatu Abubakar, 13th child of the present Lamido of Adamawa is the second wife of Atiku from his home state; Hajia Fatima Abubakar, a legal practitioner is from Borno, and a Kanuri by tribe; while the fourth wife of Atiku, former Jennifer Iwenjiora, now Jamila Atiku Abubakar, is from Onitsha, Anambra state. This make Atiku Abubakar one of the most detribalized politician in Nigeria.

Citizens of any particular country would clamors for self-rule/determination or independent sovereign state, only when in their current union or state, they are treated as second or even third class citizens; resources taken from their own region in particular are unevenly distributed or enjoyed in such an arrogant manner without any iota of conscience in an arrangement that is supposed to be a federation, while there is no sanctity for human life.

Atiku Abubakar is already aware of the agitations and fears of Nigerians as regards the aforementioned issues, and that is why he has during his consultation to the 36 states of the federation, he assured Nigerians of his strong commitment to restructuring of the country and complete rule  of law with the constitution as the supreme guide and document, and where citizens of all tribes/ethnic groups shall live in peace and harmony and practice their religion according to the

dedicate of their conscience; this he went ahead to incorporate in his policy document.It is the candid position of this writer that besides the already

mentioned qualities that stands Atiku out as the most favored presidential candidate of about 85 percent Nigerians in this week, February 16, Presidential elections, the Atiku Abubakar/Peter Obi tag is a ticket that is been overwhelmingly accepted by  Nigerians across the country based on the PDP presidential flag bearer’s vast

experiences across political arena, governance, educational sector, business/industrial field and philanthropist and building of relationships across the country, Africa and the world. He has received tutelage in politics and leadership under experienced political icon like the late senior Yar’adua

A quick glimpse at the PDP’s Presidential candidate for Saturday’s election, Atiku Abubakar indicates that his political teeth were cut in the early 1980s when he participated actively in the governorship campaign of Bamanga Tukur, and  later underwent political/leadership training  and tutelage under the mentorship of the late political icon and sage, Shehu Musa Yar’adua who placed requisite trust in him that he Atiku became a key political figure in all Yar’adua  political

meetings leading to him emerging as the national Vice Chairman of the People’s Front of Nigeria (PFN) in 1989, a political association that was led by Yar’adua, a political association which later merged and formed the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the platform with which the late M.K.O. Abiola contested and won the 1993 presidential election that was annulled.

This training under the late Yar’adua equipped Atiku for the previous leadership/political positions he had held including being the Vice President of Nigeria, 1999-2007, contested for the office of the President under Action Congress (AC) in 2006/2007 and  for the same position under PDP alongside GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan and lost gallantly in 2007.  Before now he contested and won the governorship election for Adamawa state before he became Obasanjo running mate in 1999, represent his constituency in the Constituent Assembly set to

deliberate on a new constitution for the country, among other political exploits.

The Waziri of Adamawa, once again step out boldly with the aim to deploy his vast  array of experiences to stop our suffering occasioned by a skewed federation constantly spice  and agitated with impunity and dictatorial tendencies by the leadership, to calm our disquietude, to diligently smoke out the sources of our individual and collective unhappiness and disharmony and distrust, to bring us back to the glorious path for which God Almighty intended us to be at the amalgamation in 1914, a true giant under the heavens which house some of the  remnants of the scattered children of Abraham.

Nigerians itched that the current uneasiness and misanthropic and sour social scenarios, morose atmosphere that has clothed our social fibre with funeral dirge be vanquished, replace with the geniality hitherto enjoyed.

Nigerians are more than optimistic that with the Atiku Abubakar/Peter Obi ticket, sun of gladness and gentle showers of blessings will once again prosper our father’s land, restore hope to the hopeless, absolute security and protection of lives and property to all sections of the country, and the enjoyment of social amenities such as constant electricity, portable water supply, standard roads and rail lines,

well equipped hospitals and health cares  and standard education system as of right and not a privilege.The fundamental verity which God Almighty has placed before Nigerians to decide on Saturday this week is that they should choose between

continuing with the present hellish miasma or be wise and tow an opposite direction that will bring them a fresh air of freedom accompanied with celestial aura.

The choice is that of Nigerians. As Joshua told the children of Israel to choose whom they will serve, but that for him and his household, they will serve God. God has indeed placed before us life and death, the choice is ours.

It is lucid that from all indications, Nigerians have chosen not to continue with the present sufferings, insecurity and intolerant but to take a detour to progressivism.  Nigerians are full of the knowledge of the qualities of Atiku in all ramifications and his desire for unity and restructuring of the country. This is why Atiku and

Nigerians will smile home at the end of this Saturday’s presidential elections, as the foundation for a new Nigeria would be laid by the grace and mercy of God.

I’m happy that the mind of God is set for Atiku that even the white Witches that met in Obudu, Cross River, gazed into their crystal balls and came out with a damning verdict that Buhari should pack his load and leave Aso Rock and that God has chosen Atiku as the next President of Nigeria. (So, witches work with God, too?). All the permutations, reactions of Nigerians across the country, online mock voting to the actual campaign rallies held by Atiku and Buhari, it is so clear who God and the people are supporting.

 In conclusion, Nigerians are so aware that the country is dangerously tilting toward disintegration as a result of injustices and deliberate insensitivity by the present leadership in the country, and that the only man with the nationalistic out view and the capacity to lead in such a way that the various sections of the country that have been so aggrieved would be appeased through the restructuring programme of

Atiku, and this will prevent the country from disintegration. Atiku Abubakar, second elected vice President of Nigeria, retired Customs Officer, business magnet with many conglomerates of global repute and a Pan-Nigerian political colossus of the progressive breed cum astute philanthropist is from Adamawa state of Jada extraction.