Giving has made me rich, not poor – Rochas Okorocha


* In prayers, I signed agreement with God; if you give me, I give others

* I am in a hurry, I will not live forever

* I plan to take one million hungry African children to education

* Whatever I do is for interpretation

* When I created Ministry of Happiness, it was interpreted

By Sabinus Onyenwe/Owerri

Giving is what made the Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, rich. This, the Imo State Governor has challenged the rich and those who are well to-do to help the poor and the less privileged in the society.

He said that it was better to give than to receive and that helping the poor and the spirit of giving in him have made him wealthy. He spoke at the celebration of 20 years of the existence of Rocha Foundation.

Hear him:  “Let me make a confession. Giving has not made me poor. Giving has rather made me rich. So I stand bold to say today that I am a wealthy man. And let no one envy me because you may be envying the God that created me. The more I give, the more I get and no one can stop me from giving”.

Looking at the students of the Rochas Foundation College of Africa who gathered at the occasion he said; “Twenty years ago, no one would believe that these thousands of children would have been the beneficiaries of this foundation. Most of you do not know what propelled me into doing this. It is a contractual agreement which I signed with my Creator out of the hardship and difficulties of life that I went through.

“In the course of prayers I prayed God almighty that in any way you bless me, I will bless others and in any way you give me, I will share with those who do not have. That was my submission to God almighty”.

He stated that he has I extended Rochas Foundation to Africa. I’m in a hurry because I will not live in this world forever, and have only managed to take about 17,000 children enrolling about 1,000 children yearly.

According to the governor “This day is not just a celebration, this day is a wakeup call on all government officials and all those in any form of power or authority and those who have been given privilege of life of wealth, should help those who do not have”.

He stated that the biggest problem of Africa was not hunger but illiteracy. He advised the people to join him and launch Rochas Foundation vision 2050 “to take 1 million African children especially those who have no food to eat and give them education. If it could be done in 2030, we could have made an attempt in solving Africa’s biggest problem”.

He recalled how he suffered a great deal trying to convey a message and that to the   politicians, it was a way of setting up a political campaign, and to   others, they would think that he must have made a lot of money and was looking for a way to display his wealth while some say “let’s give him a chance, maybe he has a calling with his God Almighty.”

He went on: “For whatever I do, I get interpretation. When I created the Ministry of Happiness, I created interpretation. When I created a tourism site opposite us here where men and women are honoured, people discuss it. So everything about Rochas is a story and people discuss it”, said.

Six ambassadors of nations attended the event including Australian High Commissioner, Ambassador Paul Lehmann, Pakistan High Commissioner, Asim Ali Khan, South – Sudan High Commissioner Paul .M. Akaro, Gambia High Commissioner, Amadron Sherkh Oumar, Guinea High Commissioner, Gaousson Toure, and Liberia High Commissioner Prof. Alhassan Conte.