GOC is running oil bunkering – Wike reports to Military Task Force


* Throws stones even at Chief of Army Staff

* Reports GOC to military task force, receives praises

* Army: Onus is on Wike to supply credible proof

Who says the bitterness of the elections in Rivers State has dried up? Who says peace and reconciliation are going down well with those involved? Who knows the bombshells the political gladiators are keeping up their sleeves against each other?

Now, Gov Nyesom Wike has just released a bombshell against the army commander in the state. He says the man has an oil bunkering syndicate of his own. The governor even threw a few stones at the topmost seat in the Army, the Chief of Army Staff, by saying the man is refusing to see anything wrong with the actions of the GOC because of some conspiracy theories.

Will the Army respond or bomb back? For now, efforts to get the GOC’s response into the story merely produced little reaction as a military spokesman said the onus was on Wike to produce credible evidence. Trust journalists to continue to press for more comments. Or, will the politicians on the other side bomb back for the GOC? These will unfold in the coming days.


As the bitterness of the election fiasco in Rivers State remains in the mouth, Gov Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has pointedly accused an army general of running an illegal oil bunkering squad in Rivers State.

Gov Wike berated the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, a major-general, of doing so allegedly for the purpose of financing his quest to be appointed  the chief of army staff. The Army Public Relations Officer, a colonel, Aminu Ilyasu, told newsmen on telephone that the onus of such a grave allegation lies on Gov Wike to supply evidence.  He said it is not enough to always reel out allegations against top security operatives in the state but to back them up with concrete evidence.

Gov Wike however seemed to speak with huge confidence and said this to the Commander of Joint Task Force Operation Delta Safe, a real admiral,  Akinjide Akinrinade, right at the Government House in Port Harcourt. Akinrinade turned round to praise Wike as a man who understand national security.

Gov Wike went on to declare that any attempt to appoint the GOC of the 6 Division of the Nigerian Army as Nigeria’s next Chief of Army Staff would spell doom for the nation’s failing security architecture.

Wike said of the GOC: “He has his own team that is making money for him through oil bunkering”. He also accused him of allegedly compromising security in Rivers State through illegal actions.

The governor stated; “We will have a security meeting and he will release the details to criminals. And the Chief of Army Staff will leave the man here because he is playing their role.

“How will security of the state be with such a man as the GOC? He will compromise when fighting to reduce crime, they sent us a GOC who destroy the security architecture of the state”. This was also the accusation former governor, Chibuike Amaechi, used to say about the Commissioner of Police of his own era, Mbu Mbu, who he accused also the way Wike is accusing the GOC.

Gov Wike wondered what the Joint Task Force Operation Delta Safe would do when they encounter the illegal oil bunkering team of the GOC.

Gov Wike said that Rivers people stopped the GOC and his accomplices from imposing a Governor  on the state during the elections.

“A man came to plot coup. The people resisted him for plotting coup. You want to impose a party that has no candidate for National Assembly and State Assembly elections on the people. How will such a party win the Governorship election?  A party that nobody  has seen their posters. Rivers people said no.

“He has result sheets.  Let him bring the result sheets to the tribunal.  Army now has result sheets. That is now part of their mandate”.

Gov Wike assured the Commander of Joint Task Force Operation Delta Safe that the Rivers State Government  would support their operations  to ensure that they defend the Niger Delta, especially  Rivers State.

He said: “Anybody who wants to help us  fight crime, I will support.  I will never support those involved  in illegal refineries”.

Commander of Joint Task Force Operation Delta Safe, Real Admiral Akinjide Akinrinade thanked the Rivers State Governor for the supply of gunboats, security vehicles and finances for security operations in the area.

He assured the governor that the Joint Task Force will not relent in fighting crime in the State.

“Governor Wike is a consummate politician and grassroots leader. As a man who understands National Security, he understands that National security itself is Local.

“We want to seriously commend you on your numerous achievements you’ve made since your tenure.  I will like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Governor on the renewal of your mandate to serve the people of Rivers State for another four years “, he said.

The Commander said that the Joint Task Force Operation Delta Safe has recorded successes in the protection of oil and gas facilities and the maintenance of internal security in the area.

He appealed to leaders to engage youths to shun crime and criminality for the development of the state.