Happening today in PH: What’s the connection between environment and renewable energy?


Stakeholders would find out today (Wednesday, February 21, 2018, and tomorrow Thursday) the connection between Environment and Renewable Energy especially in the Niger Delta.

 This critical quest is being mounted by Environmental Rights Action (ERA) & Friends of the Earth (FoE) through the two-day training termed Environmental Education and Renewable Energy holding at VISA Karina Hotels located off Olu Obasanjo at 3D Wonodi Street, GRA Phase 111, in the Garden City. Port Harcourt is regarded as the headquarters of environmental protection activism in West Africa.

 Since Port Harcourt produced Ken Tsaro Wiwa who later died tragically fighting for the environment and rights of oil communities, the world has always looked to the Garden City for non-governmental action as last hope for the environment in Nigeria and in Africa.

 Since then, other notable environment activists have passed through the City to impact the region and the world. The likes of the late Oronto Douglas come to mind.

 Dr Godwin Uyi Ojo, Director, Environment Rights/Friends of the Earth, Nigeria, is anchoring the training scheme that hopes to deliver so much expectation in the area of critical understanding of the connection by stakeholders.

 Today and tomorrow, ERA/FoE would trace this nexus between Environment and Renewable Energy. The oil region in Nigeria has been devastated by what is regarded as bad oil extraction methods and wrong community reaction, subjecting the environment to the grass that suffers when two elephants fight.

 It seems this fight would only be separated by the advent of renewable energy which threatens to bring an end to the crude way of energy. Studying this topic is expected to help the media and activists fighting in this sector the critical knowledge needed to win the battle by learning how to report, mobilize and monitor the energy transition.

 If any region most stands to benefit from a new energy system, it is the Niger Delta. Even the top exploiters, the oil majors, are investing heavily in the search for new energy systems, a sign that the new era is in sight and ERA and their friends are on spot; they are right to act, now.