Has Port Harcourt found the home ownership solution?


By Ignatius Chukwu & Wisdom Ohaegbule

An international expert who calls himself the Mayor of Housing says he has found the formula that can give at least 70 per cent of Nigerians a house each or more. What’s more, the houses in question are not just automated houses but smart homes that interact with the owners.

The expert, My-Ace China (full name, Alloy Emeka China) said in Port Harcourt this weekend that his team has created something new: Affordable and luxury. According to him, the 21st century does not accept the word, impossible. “We are here to clear the air on how Affordable and Luxury meet. Think of N2m or N4m and a luxury apartment is yours, he says.

The Mayor of housing gave the formula as people, collaboration equal to housing solution. If this is true, how much is the house? He said N150m but you can pay N85m one time and be at the head of the queue; pay N16m and work small and wait small; pay N4m and work harder and maybe wait a bit longer; or pay N2m and work harder and wait. The waiting is dependent on how one worked; and working is done mostly by others for you.

He calls this system, social funding, which he said is not crowd funding, not ponzi scheme, not pyramid scheme, not anything else. The house in question is a duplex with swimming pool on the roof. The style of building it takes into cognizance that land economy is the future of housing.

Already, he explained that Lifestyle Hub has acquired 30 hectares at ReefCourt Estate near Golf Estate in the Garden City. Construction would be in seven phases starting with phase one of 10 buildings. Soft homes are here, going by the digital behaviour of the house, and each house is like another.

He went on: “It is called goggle smart home; you can control your house from the US as long as goggle reaches there. You can shut the gas in your house from your phone anywhere. You can open the door to your guest while at work or anywhere. In fact, you can imprison your guest.

“Nigeria grapples with 22m housing deficit and Nigeria has the most expensive mortgage rates in the world. Nigeria has housing access or penetration of 0.5 per cent where South Africa has 82 per cent.

“The houses we offer have burglary proof and insurance cover. Lifestyle Hub makes it possible to acquire the houses with land at very cheap rates. Social funding does seven unique things; It does not use billboards and so saves money to do actual building; it skips big investors (sponsors) who give money at high cost, thus driving selling price. Only one per cent of Nigerians have N50m in their accounts, so, making the rate expensive is never going to work.”

He said it would take the government to deliver 150,000 per year for 20 years to be able to deliver the required number of houses Nigerians need. Now, solution is by the people for the people. Seven solutions: Everybody must not market; No follow up but telemarketing team is what works; cash back guarantee; anti-pyramid system. You can pay once, you can do secured subscription system, money-back guarantee.”

Breakdown of payment option are N85m (your money works for you), N16m and you bring only four persons to get a house, you pay N4m and bring four persons who bring in 16 others; pay N2m and bring 3 persons who bring nine persons who bring 27 persons.

Strategy: Focus on the ones you are to recommend. Do not look at the rest and begin to have doubt.

Some, like Teddy’s wife, scream against their husbands going into this, sure it’s a fraud. But Teddy’s wife who did worse is now Mayor’s number one brand promoter. The couple would take delivery of their house soon. The product is said to sell hot in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameron, etc. “I started as an MC and it was when I went to anchor an event by some of the owners of lifestyle Hub that I got hooked, joined them as staff in 2018 and worked to become a board member.

“Port Harcourt is something else, out of the eight locations in Africa so far. The site here alone (ReefCourt) is the biggest land reclamation in Africa. Our is a mini estate in an estate.

“There is an integrated point system that would help those who register in one package but recommends someone in another category. Someone can also join on credit, meaning that the down-line paid and completed the circle for him. The only difference is that he will not get cash back at the point of getting the house.

“We prefer existing estates to avoid ownership controversies. There is equity because all houses are the same, only location differs. When you ask for your money back, you forfeit 25 per cent.”