Help! Rivers is sinking to insecurity and electoral violence – Diobu residents


By Favour Ichemati, Port Harcourt

Series of killings,  kidnapping,  untimely deaths,  has being the order of the day for the country at large and also Port Harcourt as the elections campaigns are in progress.  Diobu has not really been having peaceful elections because of the two popular political parties at each others’ neck; the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) .

As of last year the House of Representatives election for Port Harcourt 2 was declared inconclusive due to massive violence. There was shooting as the one of the parties attempted dangerously to bring about warlike situation, leading to cancellation of the exercise.

Now that the presidential  election was held on February 23, 2019, Diobu witnessed a peaceful election,  but after the election  during the hours of 4pm  in the evening, it was unfortunate for the residents  and shop owners as crisis returned. At  Obaziolu area of Mile 3 Diobu, more than 30 gunmen were seen harassing people and snatching money and other valuables. Life was generally at risk.

In  an interview with Silver News, Mrs Queen Ogbogbo said it was shocking to see large number of hoodlums with guns terrorizing the populace and injuring many.

Another lady residing at Ada George Road who hails from Akwa Ibom State that requested for anonymity said she saw dangerous happenings on the day. The lady who owns a shop in Diobu and registered in the area said after voting that Saturday she decided to check on her shop, instead of going straight home..

Then to her surprise she saw people running, some entered her shop. Then, the hoodlums attacked all of them including her. She said they took their money,  phones,  and they destroyed things in her shop and almost broke her showcase where she keeps most of her goods.

She said since these atrocities had been happening but that this is the first time they have come to her shop. “I was walking at Mile 3 Park and a lady packed her car trying to wind down the glasses.  My attention was caught by a boy staring at the lady in her car so serious, like he was monitoring her.  To my surprise the boy went close to the car, collected the lady’s phone and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The lady raised an alarm, but no one cared to be involved. It then occurred to me that we need security in Rivers State. Any person that is being elected as the Governor of Rivers State should make security his priority.