Heritage Bank CEO to furnish Rivers University library,immortalize education crusader


e-Commerce study to begin in Rivers State University 

 By Innocent Eteng 

Heritage Bank Managing Director, Ifie Sekibo, has risen to the occasion to provide needed facilities at a newly unveiled electronic library at his alma mater, the Rivers State University of Science and Technology ( RSUST ).

 Sekibo, who is also the bank’s CEO made the promise yesterday at the RSUST during  the naming of the library after Late Alaere Augustina Alaibe, wife of politician and businessman, Timi Alaibe.

 “For the library, we will provide all the 500 computer seats. We will provide the 200KV generator you need. We will provide the shelves you need. In addition to that, we know that the world has moved; we will help the faculty to begin to tutor students to meet the challenges currently faced by the business world – which is e-commerce (electronic commerce) – and you can’t find e-commerce by just looking at computers. We will endeavor to aveil you some of our research lab so that you can set to see development,” Sekibo said.

 Alaere Augustina Alaibe, who studied banking and finance at the RSUST under the faculty of management sciences,  died nine years ago. But before her demise, she used her adult education-based nongovernmental organisation, the Family Reorientation Education Empowerment (FREE) to awaken the need for education among adults across the Niger Delta region.

 Already, Late Alaere’s FREE has provided the library with 40 Internet-ready work stations with high quality HP Desktop computers, renewable one year Internet broadband, eight pieces of 20 trunk air conditioners, 10 venetian window blinds, ship load of current books and 40 carets, according to the Dean of the faculty, Donald Hamilton. 

 Reflecting on Late Alaibe’s life and the donation,  Hamilton said: “As her classmate, I know that Alaere was a good student, she was fearless, respectful and dedicated to her studies. Although she has passed on, her legacies are here with us to constantly remind us of her selfless efforts to touch lives through her NGO, the Family Reorientation Education Empowerment ( FREE).  On behalf of the Faculty, I sincerely thank the FREE for these donations. FREE has shown that even in death,  a person can continue to touch lives.”

 Blessing Chimezie Didia, Vice Chancellor of the school, also reflected on Alaibe’s llife, which he described as “fulfilled”.

 “I have seen from these things we read about Alaibe, that it is not how long we live. She lived very shortly and then fulfilled all her live’s ambitions. What else should she have done? So at the appointed time, she worked hard and finished everything. There are people who taught her who are still here, perhaps who cannot be remembered like her, but what is happening today ensures that both the students here now, the ones that would come in centuries to come would asked ‘who is Alaere Augustina Alaibe?’ “We don’t pray to die young, but during the time we live, let us accomplish what is on earth for the benefit of other people and that had been her life,” Didia said.

 Timi Alaibe, was full of gratitude for the honour done his wife, hence he said: “I wish to sincerely thank the dean and the faculty of management sciences for their kindness and thoughtfulness for electing to name the library after my dear wife, late Alaere Augustina Alaibe.

 “As I mentioned in my reply to your letter notifying me of your resolve to immotalise my wife, this honour comes to our children and I as a huge huge surprise. We are deeply touched and to say that we are grateful seems like an under-statement. We are truly thrilled. Knowing Alaere so well, from her abode in the world beyond, she will be dancing around equally thrilled by this honour her alma mater has bestowed on her. We shall remain eternally grateful to this institution and this faculty”.