High points of Wike’s next four years and past four years

  1. JUDICIARY: Truly independent, motivated, best in Nigeria. National facilities built; to commission estate for federal judges
  2. ECONOMY 1: Financials improved, IGR going high, eliminated deficits; IGR described as fastest growing in Nigeria (19 – 21); jobs, new investments, booming economy
  3. TAX: Eased tax burden (22)
  4. ROADS; all inherited roads done, road now to Opobo
  5. EDUCATION; rehabilitated schools
  6. HEALTH: Established a medical science school in RSU, built Teaching Hospital, restored general hospitals, five regional referral hospital ongoing; 200 medical students out of promised 500 resume at PAMO University
  7. Rivers one of safest states in Nigeria
  8. FUTURE: To create a state where everyone will have and have some to spare; to move people higher in scale of living; good education, good health, skills, and good life for pensioners
  9. Greatest state in Nigeria is our task
  10. ECONOMY 2: Focus is broader tax base, attract investors to create jobs; to partner with national and international agencies for development (maybe reason for calling for peace and reconciliation); single economy not good, so Agric (Green Revolution to be embraced (50) loans to youths for farming, logistics for land preparation, skills, etc. (51) regional agric belts coming (52) to complete and privatize Cassava Processing Project in Afam and sell off all govt farms (53) revive School-To-Land programme (54)
  11. 25-yr MARSHAL PLAN coming  (45)
  12. INFRASTRUCTURE: more roads, jetties, bridges
  13. YOUTH: Huge attention to youths in education, training, loans, farming, sports, Real Madrid Academy, foreign football career opportunities, etc
  14. CANCER: Most modern diagnostic and curative centre coming in PH (69)
  15. STATE of Emergency in Environment and tackle all forms of irresponsible behaviour (72), will not spare oil companies polluting the environment through leaking pipes, etc; no mention of pipeline breaking by youths; sanitation in houses, landlords to rise up, new sanitation laws to come (79)
  16. Ban on street trading, illegal taxi ranks (81) arrest to begin
  17. SECURITY: Rivers to be made too hot for criminals (92) and operationalise Neighbourhood Security Watch Scheme (93)
  18. We hear you loud and clear, we are ready to act (98)
  19. Bad forces and Federal lapses (99)
  20. No division, no upland and riverine (103)
  21. (Rivers not in opposition to the FG (107) but we are not a conquered territory