Holy Thieves


Thieves now feel free to ply their trade and even their business in churches. Jeremy is a witness. Jeremy loves Christ and seems prepared to forfeit any pleasure and any material gain when in search of a moment with Jesus. So, on this day, he left PH to Makurdi, Benue State, to catch a particular man of God whose annual May crusade is usually the talk of the region. This prophet’s sound doctrine and track discipline stand him out. Jeremy was so keen to make Makurdi that no talk of Herdsmen vs farmers was able to dissuade him from daring the long and lonely stretches from Ugbokolo to Oturkpo or further down, Aliade to Ikpayongo, near Markurdi the axis where the two priests and 17 morning mass goers were killed recently.

As Jeremy found his way to the crusade ground of his heart’s desire, so did thieves also find their way there. They would not be the first to do so, after all, the Book of Job recorded that as the children of Israel (children of God) were heading to their annul get-together with Jehovah, the Devil arrived earlier. That visit was the beginning of Job’s problems because of the conversation that Jehovah struck with the Devil using Job as the subject matter. When we were small children growing up in the village, our fathers and Uncles used to make examples of some of us with strangers. This would often lead to setting us up for an emergency wrestling bout or you would be required to drink up a bitter herbal concoction as example to the stranger’s fretting son. You were always required to show bravery. So, was Job set up and required to brave it up all the way. You all know what Job went through on account of being toasted by Jehovah as a ‘good boy’.

If the Devil started attending crusades as far back as Job’s time, it would not be out of place or something new if mere thieves attended crusades in Makurdi or any other city for that matter. Consider that Makurdi is a city where priests watered flower vases on the alter with their blood.

So, Jeremy stayed all day and all night on the crusade ground, and the thief ‘assigned’ to him did same, all on the holy ground. When everybody slept, the thief showed that he was a more vigilante attendee. He frisked people and collected their phones, even after he had joined in shouting loud Halleluyaaaaa all evening. He was not alone; not all those who shouted Halleluyaaaa were righteous, even if they did not steal phones. Who knows what else they had stolen in life; jobs meant for others, contracts, government treasures, other peoples ideas, others’ wives or daughters, etc?

If Jeremy was not ready to steal from others, thieves were ready to steal from him. So, phone gone! The next day, he called the line and the holy thief calmly answered. They negotiated and he told Jeremy where, right in the church, he would find the SIM. Sure, it was there, meaning that this holy thief was at home and conversant with church environments and crusade grounds. He could be paying tithe.

Is Makurdi isolated in this evil? Did a smart phone not get missing in Salvation Ministry’s major June event last week in PH where the Holy Ghost was being summoned every evening? That holy thief was lucky to heed the order by the prophet, David Ibieyomie, and returned the phone pronto. The man of God had decreed instant death to that phone-taker. The thief rejected it; not his portion, and returned the phone. He must have recollected how Ibieyomie on the New Year eve 2018 decreed death and an end to the dreaded blood vampire and mass killer, Don Wanni, for making life unbearable in Rivers State. Just same week, he was killed with his lieutenants. Later, a hunt wiped out scores of his followers.

Thieves are daring these days, and some freely operate on holy grounds. They have forgotten that there is fire that burns on grass without consuming grass. They have forgotten that a day will come when Christ will look the other way and Jehovah will strike. Holy thieves may not like the strike of red hot iron on their necks.