ICNT to link budding entrepreneurs to Vienna for technology transfer


– Set to train over 100 Niger Delta youths in entrepreneury in Port Harcourt for massive job creation

A Nigerian firm with strong networks in Vienna, Austria, says it is set to create a global network for Nigeria’s budding entrepreneurs. It would begin by training Nigerian youths in their hundreds and empowering them to compete in the global arena.

The firm, Incubation Centre for New Technologises Nigeria Limited (ICNT), run by Austria-trained Chinwe Ukuku, says it is set to join the fight for the eradication of youth waste in the Niger Delta by incubating over 100 youths into the next generation of employers and wealth creators.

The training would expose the youths and interested workers the various skills needed to make multiple income and also take the best to waiting centres and firms around the world that would easily absorb them. Top experts have been lined up to mentor the trainees into globally sought after entrepreneurs. The training would run for two weeks.

ICNT told newsmen in Port Harcourt that transfer of technology is the focus in the training scheme because Vienna, regarded as the City of Ideas, is eager to begin the transfer of ideas and technology to other nations.

Ukuku said the five-year-old firm would soon turn the Niger Delta landscape into a canvas for innovation and budding entrepreneurship as well as a home of new ideas.

She said the five-year-old firm chose to anchor in Lagos when she came in from Austria because Lagos was still regarded everywhere in the world as Nigeria’s commercial hub. “Vienna in Austria is undoubtedly the city of ideas. The people in it are keen on transferring some of the knowledge to other cities especially the less-endowed ones.”

She stated that ICNT is thus keen on importing new technologies from Austria to Nigeria. She said the world believes that Nigeria is a new technological frontier waiting to happen. “The world is watching Nigeria right now. So, it is not about talking but there is the need to start doing things in Nigeria.”

ICNT, the CEO noted, is to be a platform to display what Nigerians in the Diaspora have learnt in the City of Ideas. She regretted that while advanced countries were into analyzing and processing children into areas of strength, Nigerian schools were still graduating certificate holders. “In Austria, there is a process of tracing the talents of citizens right from primary school level so that by the time a pupil gets to the secondary school level, his/her area of strength would be known and targeted.”

She noted that ICNT had carried out trainings in Nigeria in the past two years, and is now set to undertake the third year session in Port Harcourt. She went on: “Year One was on renewable energy; Year two was on Business Innovation, all in Lagos. Now, Year three is to be held in Port Harcourt and it would be a mix of all relevant skills a young adult needs to explode in Nigeria at the moment.

She explained the choice Port Harcourt, saying, “Port Harcourt is chosen because it is naturally the capital city of the Niger Delta. “Besides, we have found keenness in the city and we want to close the skills gap.”

Those who would graduate from ICNT would obtain viable networks and partners around the world. The world is waiting for Nigeria. “Those graduating from NCNT would not walk alone.’

Ukuku said after many years in Austria, she has now started to learn new lessons in Nigeria. “Lesson learnt: Never give cash to trainees but items needed to start up.”

Her expectation is to create an army of entrepreneurs towards massive job opportunities.”

She said the new way to go is to put one’s hands into making of various things at the time. Idleness is a life sentence and must not be touched by the youths of the region.