IDP boy named Frederick



A kind and generous donor approached our Foundation – The Word in Action Foundation – TWIAF ( – and offered 3 scholarships for IDP children. We distributed the scholarships for 1 girl child and 1 boy child for secondary education and any child for primary education. Being an orphan was a big factor to be considered too.

We visited all the 4 IDP camps in Daudu and Agan in search of IDP kids to award the scholarships to.

At Daudu II camp after a rigorous assessment, we could not decide between 2 boys who to award the scholarship to. So we went to fetch the Principal of our Lady of Consolation Secondary School Agan Mr Veretoh Ayila to come and help us choose.

The Principal after interviewing the 2 boys went with Frederick and we awarded him the scholarship instantly. The Principal had earlier given automatic admission at his school to the beneficiary so Frederick’s name was entered on the admission letter and handed to him.

Next all his fees for the year for full boarding education were paid by the donor and we took Frederick to the Makurdi Modern Market and did all his shopping and took him to school as the session was already underway.

The above is just an intro for those who may not have followed the story.


The real story is that this boy Frederick, an IDP boy whose father was murdered by blood thirsty terrorists parading as herdsmen, a boy who had no hope for the future, a boy who was not attending any school when he was fetched to us produced 10 As in his 1st term examinations in JSS1.

The day we took him to school he was asked what he’ll like to be in the future and he responded that he wants to be a medical doctor because he has witnessed the sufferings of the people and he wants to help them.

So here we are wishing Dr Frederick the best for the future. His will be a story with the headline – From the IDP camp to medical school!!!