Images of squalor as Kula king denies signing for Shell to return


* Denies signing back Shell

OML 25 community leaders addressed what they called World Press Conference series right in the deepest creeks near the Atlantic Ocean; at Offoin-Aama, Belema Flow Station, Belema town, and Kula.

At each point, the chiefs and leaders reiterated their demand for SPDC to hand over OML 25 to Belemaoil, owned by a son of the soil. Shell officials have always asked if this is to be the new formula in the oil industry.

The most important development in the past two weeks is the historic signing of settlement agreement between Shell and OML 25 community leaders, but this too has rather turned into a controversy.

Now, right at Kula, the Amananyabo of Kula, King Bourdillon Ekine, Oko 28th

Shocked the world. He said he did not sign for the return of Shell.

His words: Yes, I attended the meetings called by the state governor. I am a government-recognised monarch. So, l must attend especially to advise on the way forward.

Before I signed, I told the governor that the signing was not for reopening of the flow station, but to facilitate the release of the monies owed the communities (N1.46Bn.

I also told the governor that those who were signing the agreement were not the real owners of the oil wells. I advised the parties to come to Kula and settle the matter. I had described Shell in a book I wrote as demonic entity. I stand with my people. Let Shell not come again. If not, give Belema operatorship of OML 25 so they can buy it off later.