Important update on dead fish wash-up syndrome



• I wish to inform that, the State Ministries of Health, Environment & Agriculture are aware of the dead fish incident in Andoni. On Friday, I have a conversation with the Commissioner of Health alongside other experts in Public Health & Environment from the WHO & NCDC concerning this issue. The Commissioner did promise to send a team to Andoni.

• On Saturday, a team of the State Ministry of Health went to Andoni. Reliably, Oyorokoto was visited. At present samples of the fish were collected for *toxicological analysis*.

Given the emerging situation, I wish to humbly *recommend the following actions to better safeguard the public health of Obolo people*:

1. Sensitisation of our communities to stop the fishing and consumption of the gold fish ” Ona ” both small and big sizes to avert potential poisoning.

2. A multisectoral team (Inclusive & non- partisan) should be set up, and supported to follow up action to mitigate the situation.

3. Advocacy and awareness raising to the world on emerging untold hardship on the people of Andoni, thereby call for a social economic stimulus plan by the government to support Obolo communities.

4. Alerting communities and fishermen to continue to monitor the situation and inform our people where deaths of other species of fishes and aquatic lives are noticed.

5. The need to work together as one United Obolo people, keeping aside sentiments, personal and political interests to address our common challenges.

Let’s stay safe and healthy!

*Dr. Edwin-Isotu Edeh*

Global Environmental Health Specialist.