JC Records: Healing the Garden City with gospel music

Sam Praise

* Gospel music too is big business; 50 artistes line up to thrill PH on June 23

(Culled from BD Sunday and reported by Ignatius Chukwu)

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has been seized by the forces of violence for some years now. Then, JC Records stepped into the city and mobilized a 500-man choir and 50 gospel singers pumping positive vibes into the Garden City in preparation to a world-class music concert. Just then, even before the trumpet would sound, the political warlords and antagonists that had defied all entreaties suddenly on their own decided to make peace and end the wars.

Now, there is high expectation of peace and stability in Rivers State, probably because Jesus Christ Records stepped into the Garden City. Now, people say politics has caused its harms, but gospel music has come with its balm to heal the land.

While the political wars lasted, many good programmes and events previously lined up in Port Harcourt suffered shifts and outright cancellations. Crisis seized the Garden City for a couple of months over the 2019 elections. The panic continued to spread as relations out there kept urging their people in Port Harcourt to make haste and flee.

Killings happened, fracas occurred freely, hatred grew to high heavens, and brothers shunned brother. There were outcries in Abonnema, Khana, Bonny, Emuohua, Isiokpo, Ubima, Obio/Akpor, and many other places.

Now, the Garden City is coming back to peace and love. JC Records is also unleashing angels of songs on the city to heal the land. The record label has confirmed what it calls a mega gospel music concert to hold on June 23, 2019, at the Hub, said to be the biggest and most prestigious event centre in the Niger Delta.

The over 50 gospel artistes waiting to be unveiled would take turns to present the songs they have laboured to record. Family and friends plus church members and lovers of music would wipe away their tears and file out at The Hub to sweep away the tension in the land and welcome peace and love.

Songs like Incredible God; Great and Mighty God, etc, would waft through the mega speakers at The Hub to bathe the troubled city and seep through to the roof of heaven, hoping to please God enough to send down the rain of love and forgiveness upon the Garden City. The political godfathers in the land have asked for forgiveness already.

According to Steve Emma, JC Records’ Port Harcourt manager, the choice of the Garden City is to prove that there could be more where the likes of Mercy Chinwo come from. He said many talents abound in undiscovered singers. The operating plan of JC Records is to crack open this iron shield that covers God’s talented children so they break out.

Addressing the artistes at Silver News conference hall at Grace Plaza on Trans-Woji last week, Emma said artistes must double their efforts to hit success in Nigeria of today.

Voices of Singers

Some of the artistes spoke to BD Sunday showing the agonies of budding artistes in the Niger Delta.


We must use songs to snatch our world back from Satan – Frank Obemadayo

“I believe that the gospel will not be complete without spiritual songs added to it. So I take the scriptures and turn it to song. I have been singing since childhood and was a choir master. It is in the blood.

“What attracted me to JC Records is their name and their noble objective. Learning that JC Records means Jesus Christ Records got me interested. If you look around, you will notice that Satan is taking over the entire place. This platform is for Jesus alone without contamination. So, I delved into it. I want to be a part of it, not just a member.

“God has actually given me many songs but JC Records took one for this special unveiling. Frank Edward is my idol because he has a humble beginning and remained attached to God, undefiled. I want to stand with such people to take the war to the devil. The unveiling on June 23, 2019, in Ph is very important in this battle.

Sam Praise

I never seized any pastor’s keyboard for sake of money – Sam Praise

“I worship with Gateway International Church in PH pastured by George Izunwa. I count this as a privilege as JC Records is out to project us all over the world. We can only thank them. I sing a lot of worship, R&B, etc, began to minister around. My song with JC Record is ‘Incredible God’. The song says Jesus loves us more than we can say we love Him. His love is incredible. I have other songs such as Reign of Glory, My Shepherd, Echezolam, etc. They are online.

“On major challenge is that many upcoming artistes are not patient. By God’s grace, I started as a keyboardist. Some instrumentalists seize the keyboard if pastors did not pay them after performance but I never did it. For this, God has been blessing me from one level to another to this level.

Chioma Salvation


I want to tell people about God with my songs – Chioma Salvation

I love singing and I specialize in worship songs and I started from my church as a chorister. My pastor recommended me to JC Records and that has taken me to another level because it has been dream to sing. I want to sing to inspire people and tell them about God. I have a passion for singing. It’s God that gave me that talent. I look forward to the big show in Ph on June 23.”

Charles Nelson

Marketers fear to invest in beginners – Charles Nelson

“My name is Charles Ihenacho or Charles Nelson. I am part of a show coming up on June 23, 2019 and I am full of expectations. I have been in music for years and I made it to the studio as far back as 2007. I saw the JC Records platform and decided to identify with it.

“I do both native gospel and classical gospel songs. The people matter most in the choice of song to do. My expectations is that after the unveiling, I take a step further in music and perform at higher platforms. I want to make music a full career.

“There are lots of difficulties for upcoming artistes. There many songs waiting with marketers to listen to. Marketers are afraid of investing in upcoming artistes because they are not sure the market will receive you. That is why we are grateful to JC Records for believing in unknown artistes. Many top singers today were choristers. It shows that talents abound in the choirs around Nigeria. Give them a chance.”

Vivien Ebix

Music therapy is where I want to be; music can unite the world – Vivien Ebix

“I have been singing from childhood. I found I had a strong passion for music that has the ability to give life to men. Music is universal language that can bring the world together like football does.

“I decided to use the word of God to blend into music and strive to bring out man’s faith. It is a battle of the mind and music can penetrate the soul and mind of man. So, I just put the word together as music therapy to change the mind of someone. Music can stop suicide. Music therapy is where I want to operate. You can be healed through music. It is that music that transforms your soul and make you who God wants you to be.

“The very first day I learnt about JC Records, I was so happy because before this time, I had gone to many persons for help to break out without success. Labels only want you when you succeed but how do you succeed without being discovered? I see its God that is behind JC Records. They are solely for gospel music and we thank God for the opportunity.”