Keep your promises, Eleme monarch to lawmaker


By Godwin Egba, Port-Harcourt

Apparently concerned about unfulfilled election promises, king of Eleme, Philip Obele, and the Eleme council of chiefs have demanded for fulfillment of promises made by their son, a lawmaker Rivers State House of Assembly, Igwe Aforgi. The lawmaker came to express appreciation for their support that earned his winning ticket into the House of the Assembly.

The king who appreciated the visit urged forji not to renegade on his campaign promises to the Eleme people especially his Aleto home who saw him through into the House of Assembly, pointing out that some Eleme political office representatives elected had in the past failed in their campaign development promises.

He advised Aforji to take cue from the sitting Commissioner of Finance, Isaac Kamalu, from Eleme who expended his constituency allocation to deliver some projects in his Alode Eleme Community when he represented Eleme in the House of Assembly during Governor Wike’s first tenure in office.

The chief of Ewuu Community in Aleto, Joseph Oluji, who bears unalloyed loyalty to the king confirmed that Isaac Kamalu kept to his promises by building a befitting community town hall, 16 classroom blocks in his Alode Community within his 2nd and 3rd year in office”.

He advised the current lawmaker not to relate with selfish, greedy and untrustworthy politicians but to give them wide gap that would not rubbish his integrity in future.

Igwe (alias One Million) in company of his supporters and friends at the palace located at Aleto said his maiden visit to the king was not only to thank them for supporting his election but also to re-assure them of his commitment to keep to his electoral campaign promises to his Aleto and Eleme people in general.

The lawmaker affirmed promised to always liaise with the chiefs, elders, and youth leaders to work in synergy with them in order to move Eleme forward.

He said: “I am not here to inundate you with political sophistry built on no trust of heart; I must make a difference in the Eleme political geo-graphical sphere by having listening ears to the needs of the people in the Eleme ten communities that I represent’’ Igwe assured.

Engr. Aforji, while fielding questions from this medium, noted, “I am aware that if I have to succeed, I must liaise with my Majesty and the Council of Chiefs to move us forward. Today by the grace of God I am the voice of Eleme people; so it’s imperative I synergize with them all because there is no way I will be part of developing Port Harcourt or Rivers State and I will not do the same or more in my Eleme clime’’, he emphasized.

The lawmaker in the class of new generation politicians harped on security challenges, Infrastructural and socio- economic developments in Eleme which he said are critical to him even as he noted that wind of security had begun to settle down following the long arms of government catching up with some notorious criminals terrorizing in the various Eleme Communities.

He recalled, “you are aware the criminal kingpin in Tai Local Government Area had been rounded up while many others in Eleme are either meeting their water-loo or gone underground because it’s no long easy business as usual. The Local Government Chairman, Barrister Philip Okparaji, the Council of Chiefs in synergy with security Agencies are turning the heat on them (criminals) wherever they are”, he said.

Aforji assured some people resident in Eleme who for one insecurity situation or the other relocated out should come back hence the area had begun to regain back its status as a peaceful home for social economic development like Oil and Gas business operations as well as commercial business activities.

Some stakeholders who spoke with our correspondent drew the attention of Engr. Aforji to the Aleto bridge now under heavy pressure likely to cave-in or cut-out two noting that the bridge serving the Eleme East West road linking Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Abia States, Bayelsa and Delta and Edo axis need a complete rehabilitation to avoid some huge force able economic loses hanging on the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical campaign operating in the Eleme area.

Observer’s noted that the level of sand dredging on the Aleto sand field running from Okuru river bearing the bridge is impacting negatively on its ideas structure now posing danger to heavy duty containers and oil bearing trucks as well as other vehicular traffic, pointing further that the sudden collapse of that facility should be better imagined than experienced.

“Instead of waiting for the Federal Government foot-dragging response, the Eleme House of Assembly Representative, should mount a passionate appeal on Governor Wike who would in turn solicit the assistance of corporate organisations operating in the area to arrest the pending danger on that bridge”, the observers appeal.

They said, ‘’We are pleading with Governor Wike to once again take action on that same Federal road during his first four years in office when part of the road from Onne Free Zone trailer park to Eleme junction degenerated into death trap wreaking havoc on oil tankers, containerized cargoes, man-loss hours, lives and other consumables.

Some companies like the Indorama – Eleme Petrochemicals Limited, INTELS Nigeria Limited, the Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) and the Onne Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority among others responded to the Governor’s appeal and made some financial rescue donation which was expended to reclaim the failed parts of the road.

Meanwhile, the Law maker’s visit was an opportunity to inaugurate two Women Leaders to the office of Her Majesty Emereowa (Mrs.) Evelyn Ada Gokpa, Owa Eh Aleto Nchia – Eleme III, the Queen Mother of Eleme Kingdom in the persons of Mrs. Chinwi Amadi, Adviser and Madam Martha Egbe as Secretary. They were formally presented to the King and his Council of Chiefs including Women Leaders.