Kogi: PDP begs CBN not to release N30Bn to Bello


Kogi State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP) has begged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Government not to release the N30 billion outstanding Bailout fund to Kogi State government, said previous intervention monies was embezzled by the governor.

This  is coming on the heels of the state governor’s intensified efforts in lobbying the APC controlled federal government to secure release of further N30Bn bailout.

This was contained in a press statement signed  by the State Publicity Secretary, Bode Ogunmola,  saying the question that needs to be asked is how has the governor has  utilized past funds released to him in the past.

The party further emphasized that the state is hugely indebted and is owing workers salaries to the tune of   38 months after taken several intervention funds and loans from banks without any development to show for it.

“All the administration has embarked upon is reckless looting of state resources. Any attempt to compromise by the CBN, would be a great disservice to the suffering people of Kogi State.

“The bailout itself is not a free fund, the money is a loan that will be paid back over a period of time with 9% interest. Any government that prides itself in probity will ask questions of how past releases were utilized before committing Kogi State into further debt.”

PDP noted it is not against  paying  workers their entitlements, but called  on  CBN to heed to their earlier suggestion to initiates moves and probe past utilization of earlier releases and make arrangements to pay workers directly.

“Any further release to Governor Yahaya Bello would amount to a disservice to the poverty stricken workers of Kogi State. The government is financially reckless, with penchant for looting state resources and has the penchant not to pay salaries.

“We asked the CBN to pay Kogi workers directly. Any attempt to release the balance of bailout to governor Bello, would amount to given him his pay-off, because the government has been rejected and would be voted out in November.”