Kogi uncovers N4.3Bn pension fraud


Kogi State is always in the news in recent time for non-payment of salaries and pensions but little do many know that there are leakages in the system that cause much harm to slaries and pensions payment system.

Now, the present administration led by Governor Yahaya Bello has uncovered a N4.3 billion pension fraud perpetrated under the administrations of former governors of the state, Ibrahim Idris and Captain Idris Wada between 2010 and 2015.

Kingsley Fanwo,  Director General, Media and Publicity to the state governor,  stated this over the week,  saying  the fraudulent acts was revealed through an Audit exercise embarked upon by private auditor mandated by the state governor, Yahaya Bello.

He equally revealed that the audit report shows that the syndicate diverted the pension and gratuity funds to private accounts, using names of unintended beneficiaries to the detriment of pensioners in the State.

“On assumption of Office, the Executive Governor of the State, Yahaya Bello, miffed by the level of unpaid pensions in the state, ordered a comprehensive audit of pension funds in the State.

The revelations of the Audit has been mind-boggling, revealing the humongous fraud in the pension administration under the two administrations in the State.” Fanwo said.

The  Director General  , Media and Publicity to Governor Bello , said “The Governor saddened by the development  ordered immediately that those found guilty be prosecuted . His Excellency, Yahaya Bello has expressed disappointment over the unfortunate diversion of pension funds during the last two administrations in the State. He has found it very hard to understand how people put in authority could punish the senior citizens of our dear State by diverting monies meant for their
pensions and gratuities into private pockets.

“To this end, the Governor has directed the publication of the full reports, promising that anyone found culpable will be prosecuted to explain their heinous crimes against innocent
pensioners in the state.

“The present administration in the State is fighting corruption. To move forward, we must clean up our corrupt past and redeem whatever we can to instill discipline in the system and confidence in our people’s minds. We will never condone acts of

“We have been repaying bonds that were either stolen or misapplied. We are repaying loans that were taken and stolen outrightly by the previous administrations. These are the things affecting our liquidity as a State”.

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Sack me if I falter in mere 24 hours

A Kogi East senatorial aspirant, under the platform of Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) has told his future constituents that he  will sign a contract with them . If he eventually clinched the mandate and did not live up to their expectations after 24 months  he should be recalled without hesitation.

The candidacy of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant for Kogi East Senatorial district election Victor Alewo Adoji got a major boost recently when immediate past Governor of Kogi State Idris Wada and his predecessor Idris Ibrahim openly endorsed his nominatio  to run for the seat.

So far the aspirant has been to six LGA areas of Kogi East; Ofu Olamaboro, Ankpa, Omala, Igalamela and Idah local Government areas to declare his interest to vie for the position.

For the senatorial district that had suffered misrepresentation in that last eigth years the two party leaders decided to throw their weight behind the former banker  Victor Alewo Adoji whom they percieved as not just an aspirant but a philanthropist with good heart to lead in the senatorial race come February 2019 General election.

They said for any possible significant change in proper representation at the red chamber to be made the senattorial district has to look in the direction of Dr. Adoji as the only competent aspirant to be given the chance as touch bearer for the party.

They believe it would be a new down for for the people of Kogi east if PDP vote enmass for him to fly the flag if the party, adding that as a successful banker who believes in allotting and allocation,  he has for the past few months of his campaign made it clear to the people that humility is the best way to achieve team work which is the major factor in achieving progress.

The senatorial aspirant in his speech at one of his declaration in Ofu Local Government said he was there as an aspirant for the people to convert him to a candidate.

“My Manifesto was something that was built in the 50s and 60s and it is not a workable material, I will not have one for you. What I will sign with you is a social contract where you will tell me what you will want me to do for you and not what I want to do for you”

“The world is evolving and countries are moving away from oil, most developed countries of the world do not rely on mineral resources because they do not even have one, what they rely on is the strength of their innovation”
He said he is worried when he sees youths without employment as what he sees are not human beings but industries.

“I will sign a contract with you and will want any other person contesting with me if given the mandate to do so, after 24 months as your Senator I do not move you from where we are to where Kogi East should be, recall me”

He said he was aware that as their Senator, he will not have the budget to build schools, build hospitals, build roads, but would ask them to carry him on their shoulders to where he can drag this basic things down to the people.

Adoji took his time to educate them on the difference between manifesto and social contracts saying if he forgets everything he will remember that one, adding he does not want to do for them based on anything he thinks they need, but what they ask him for.

Adoji indicated that seeking higher political office should not be a means for intimidation of the people “Because you are a senator, does not mean all the chairmen, councillors and even the less privilege should become slaves to worship you but should be a team to work to identify the basic problems of our society to solve them.”

The aspirant who was head corporate communications at Zenith bank before his foray into politics has brought to bear a new style of allowing the electorate decide on what they want their representative to do for them based on their needs.
A coalition of unity political parties Kogi East chapter had earlier endorsed him as sole candidate for the 2019 Kogi East senatorial district seat.

Halima Alfa says not seeking elective position to make money.

A one time Commissioner for Commerce and Industry under the administration of Prince Audu Abubakar,  in kogi state, Halima Alfa has stated that her coming out to represent her people in Kogi East senatorial district at the senate is not enmass wealth but to bite and bite untill reasonable face lift come to kogi East senatorial district.

Halima Alfa also disclosed that she has always been in the race  though she has never won but maintained that she will keep on trying untill she clinched the mandate to represent her people.
“I will continue to aspire, am not aspiring for material  things  because God has given mee all that I needed. I have always been in the rave,  I have never won election. So  I continue trying untill I get there.”

She equally emphasized that for the past 16 years their children has been taught on how to do thuggery,  stressing that , that is what she have come to put a stop to.

She also disclosed that her coming is to remedy Nigeria people from untold disaster that has engulfed  the country, adding that she would equally blew her trumpet for the people .

Halima Alfa lamented that those who went to the senate went there just to be addressed as senators,  stressing that when you are in the national assembly you can bite and not shout.

The only female in the race equally disclosed that she is going to senate to fight for her people and not to concur.

On ensuring that there is free, fair , credible and transparent election come 2019, Halima Alfa said she hoped that Mr. President who is Mr. Intergrity will before the election call all the security agencies to make sure that there is free and fair election.

She also said the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) has said that all the aspirants vying for various elective positions are eligible to contest  no automatic ticket.