Lamentations of a fiery priest: People no longer believe Nigerian leaders They tell lies at all times


Jeremy Isioma

 Fiery priest, Very Reverend John Wangbu of Christ the King Catholic Church, Sangana, Mile 1, Diobu, has hit out at political leaders in Nigeria, saying they tell lies at all times.

He said the polical leaders even tell lies at the alter before God just to win votes.

“Its not how Christ did it. Christian politicians must be Christ-like in politicking, not the other way round. When in politics, show the Christ in you. This is the only way to confound your enemies.” .

 Officiating at the Thanksgiving Service requested by members of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the Correspondents Chapel also in Diobu, the monsignor exploded thus: “Our political leaders and those in authority lies all the time. They condemn cultism but they go back to hobnob with them. Jesus was not like that.”

 Wangbu, who headed the Christian Pilgrim Board for years in recent past, said; “Our political leaders talk, they do not do what they said. There is total lack of credibility. This is the case of when the speaker does not even believe himself. What do you expect when a rogue is in-charge of your finances, how do you even believe what he submits”.

 Speaking about the dangers of being led by liars, he said: “The tragedy of the flawed character is that nobody believes him. Jesus was genuine so the masses rallied round him in public; that was why arresting him was difficult. Enemies were afraid to arrest him in public. So, they sought moment of loneliness to act. The masses formed a hedge around him because he was genuine.”

 He said Jesus provided not just facts but a vision for people to follow; “What vision do our leaders provide for the masses to follow? Now, its all about emotional impact. We go back to status quo”

 Saying there was need to hear and bear fruits, he said leaders ought to like Jesus show examples people would follow and bear fruits. “We as followers of Christ need to hear and go share what we heard. Where then is the fruit of our hearing if adultery, stealing, bitterness, etc, still abound?”

 On the importance of credible leadership founded on truth, Very Revd Wangbu; “Those those sent to arrest Jesus rather listened to him and bowed, saying, no one has ever spoken like this man. Even when they did not believe he was God, they still respected the humanity in him, the truth he spoke, the sincerity he exuded; and bowed”.

 He added “Integrity in a Christian is what tells men that Christ is real, else, we are re-crucifying him.”

 He said it was wrong for a congregation to keep repeating same confessions and same atrocities every Saturday.  “Your confession scares me:”  

 Wangbu threatened to stop annual crusades if it did not lead to to a drastic reduction in immorality and sin. “If parishioners keep repeating same atrocities in the name of confession to a priest, it means something is very wrong. Holiness on Sunday, evil continues the next day is wrong.”

 To journalists, the Monsignor declared; “Journalists must be of high integrity. You must publish only the truth, not what people asked you to publish or to publish for the highest bidder. Journalists no longer publish the truth; I was in Government House, I know what I am saying.”

 The priest however noted that journalists are the watchdog of the society. “Truth will make people to take you serious”, he declared.

 Reacting, the chairman of the Correspondents Chapel, an Anglican Knight, Sir/Chief Earnest Chinwo of ThisDay, said it is an annual order to go any respected church and give thanks to god Almighty for protecting journalists practicing in the Niger Delta.

 The coordinator of the programmes, Ms Clarice Azuatalam, said she knew the stuff the monsignor was made of, saying anybody going to him on Sunday should be prepared for the truth and for the gospel as it is.