Mass killing: Tough talk as Sultan, Ooni, King Jaja of Opobo, meet IGP in Wike’s Port Harcourt summit


By Codratus Godson

Port Harcourt

  • Buhari: Benue; I have given the order; those involved will face the consequences
  • Wike: Decentralised security system (state police) is the answer
  • Sultan of Sokoto: Enough is Enough; bring down those trying to bring down Nigeria
  • Ooni: All Nigerians must work for unity
  • IGP: President Buhari has given full order to launch action
  • IGP: New SARS will only fight violent crimes
  • King Jaja of Opobo: Traditional rulers stand on ‘One Nigeria’, but FG must reduce suffering, insecurity

The highest traditional in Nigeria came to Port Harcourt fuming, apparently charged against threats to the fatherland. From the moment they set foot on the Garden city, their body language and statements clearly showed men angry and ready to defend the country, Nigeria. From the press briefing at the NUJ House, the courtesy visit to the Brick House and the plenary at the Hotel Presidential, it was clear that all was not well with the nation. When they met President Muhammadu Buhari’s representative in the hall and the Inspector General of Police at the plenary, they met their equals on war moods.

Below are the war songs of the elders against threat to the fatherland;

Sultan of Sokoto (Muhammad Saad Abubakar)

– All is not well with Nigeria. It is time for statesmen to stand up. It is not for men of states. We are one people. There are many problems.

  • Insecurity is in all parts of Nigeria now. Accept our condolences over the New Year massacre (In Omoku).

– Why do people kill and disappear? Is it failure of security or what? Is it the fault of the security agencies or what?

– Traditional rulers have seen it all, and will still see it more because we were there before Nigeria was created (amalgamated in 1914), so it is to close ranks.

– We traditional rulers close ranks here and throw banters; let it go back with us to share it back home. Let it not end here.

– We are going to be blunt in the business session. We have no political party. We stand for our people

– The common man may never get to meet with his governor or president but goes to see his traditional ruler any time. We truly are closer to the people.

– Nigeria however not alone in the world. We are a global community, therefore what obtains in one country obtains in another.

– To destablise Nigeria, people resort to ethnicity and religion.

– Thank God the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) is here. They have challenges and they can tell us where we can help.

–         Before, if any stranger entered a community, the traditional ruler (emir) would know before morning. Now, they have abandoned this system.

–         Use us free of charge. Don’t pay. We have our network. Let the Directorate of State Security (DSS) talk to us.

– We are here looking for solutions for Nigeria; its all due to Gov Wike. Let other governors emulate him and offer to sponsor our general Assembly, or when we ask, let them accept.

– ENOUGH is enough of these senseless killings. No religion allows you to kill. When people are killed in dozens (tens) something is wrong.

– INSTITUTE high powered probe into these killings. Whoever is implicated should go for it, even me.

– I join the Ooni of Ife to thank the governor of Rivers State for hosting us the best way you can find anywhere

– My little movement in the state capital showed what a clean city it is.

– They say these are stringent times but stringency has not reached Rivers State yet. This may be because this is the home of oil


President Buhari

(Represented by the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Danbazzau)

Declaring the 9th General 9th General Assembly of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria open, President Muhammadu Buhari stated that his administration would take steps to promote security of lives and property.

He noted that security challenges seem to be deliberate and an attempt to undermine the nation’s territorial integrity.

Represented by the Minister of Interior, Lt General Abdulrahman Danbazzau, the President said that he is saddened by  the wastage of human lives in different parts of the country.  He directed security agencies to identify and bring to book all those involved in deadly crime.

He declared intention to work closely with traditional rulers to move Nigeria forward.

As we dismantle Boko Haram, herdsmen/farmers issues, kidnapping, etc, reared their ugly head

Work for national integration. I am worried about frequent kidnapping. I ordered an immediate action to stop Boko Haram menace in the North East.

Benue: I have also issued stop the menace order. They want to destabilize the country and threaten security. We won’t tolerate it. Those involved in it should be ready to face the consequences. Their actions are a threat to investments. We wont shy away from moving against them.

We will surely win this war, no matter what it takes. My doors are open for counsel.


Gov Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has reiterated his call for the decentralisation and de-politicization of security services as a way of resolving the deadly security challenges facing the country.

The governor noted that that the security services as presently constituted cannot address the security challenges facing the country, where lives are wasted regularly, while governors are helpless.

Speaking during the 9th General Assembly of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria on Tuesday in Port Harcourt, Governor Wike said that the Rivers State Government has taken steps to improve her security through the setting up of a neighbourhood watch.

He said: “For us in Rivers State, our position on State and community policing is very clear. While we join our voices to other well-meaning Nigerians to strongly and emphatically demand for the decentralization and de-politicization of security services, we are also not resting on the back of helplessness to do nothing.

“Already, we have forwarded a Bill to the Rivers State House of Assembly to establish the Neighbourhood Security Corps to cooperate, support, and complement the efforts of the regular security agencies in policing our communities and advancing their security.”

The governor noted that: “The reality before the nation is that centralized policing has flatly failed and is incapable of resolving the enormous security challenges of a vast and culturally diverse country like Nigeria.

“And even as we may continue to live in denial, the recurring bloodbaths in Benue, Taraba and other States have once again exposed the weaknesses of our country’s centralized policing system as well as the frustrations and near complete helplessness of State Governors in their quest to provide adequate security for the communities and the people that they govern.

“We can only imagine the magnitude of the sufferings and pains ordinary Nigerians are going through when the daily pains of violence and insecurity are added to the unending pressure of poverty, unemployment and lack of development.”

Gov Wike said that at a time like this, it will be ungodly for good men to remain silent while the nation is dangerously wobbling.  He urged all well-meaning persons to be counted among those who will work for the resolution of the security challenges facing the country.

He said that Rivers State is peaceful, working and brimming with ample economic opportunities for investors to take advantage of.

The governor said  the traditional institution must wake up to their responsibilities by lending their strong and respected voices to the national agitations for true federalism, resource control, greater devolution of powers, as well as State and community policing and good governance in the country. 

He said: “In all these, our traditional rulers have significant roles to play to protect and defend the nation’s unity and advance the rights of our people to democracy, good governance and development.”


IGP; Ibrahim Idris

Community Policing as Catalyst to Crime Prevention: The Role of Traditional Rulers

– Traditional rulers truly are key in any true effort at community policing, which is a system of policing that integrates the communities in the crime detection process and allows free flow of information from the community people though their recognized leaders (traditional rulers) to the police.

-I initiated this the moment I was made IG but it was formally launched in September 2017

– The concept is for communities to identify their security problem and suggest how to deal with it. We had meetings with communities at different times on this concept especially in Lagos and Uyo. This is how it is done in most other countries of the world

– All commands were mandated to implement.

– WHY traditional rulers!

– They know everybody in their domain and know the information channel. They can get their subjects to pass information to the police and ensure the offenders are dealt with, and could follow through to court to bear witness.

– Traditional rulers also can check their subjects and discourage ill-gotten wealth especially by not conferring chieftaincy titles on people with questionable characters.


– This is another problem starring the police in the face. In 2008, a former IG headed a panel that studied the nature of funding needed to achieve good results in policing in Nigeria. They arrived at N460Bn per year. I can tell you that the police got N20bn in 2017.

-The National Assembly and the presidency are however trying to find solution to this problem. Right now, a Bill is in the NASS on alternative funding mechanism for the police. We are most grateful. Good funding will make the Nigerian police one of the best in the world.

– The Abuja axes have become notorious for kidnapping: Abuja to Kaduna, to Jos, to Kogi, etc. The police is recording progress in this area. So far, 200 kidnap suspects have been arrested with various numbers of weapons.

– Cattle-rustling is another menace threatening security in the land.


– The president has given full orders to go after these threats. Now, anybody found in these things would be seriously dealt with. The police has arrested many so far.

– We urge people to refrain from reprisal attacks; embrace dialogue henceforth.


– The police has done well in elections so far in places such as Edo, Anambra, Rivers, etc where violence was little or none. No blood has been wasted so far. So, tell your subjects about not spilling blood in elections

– WHY people hate the police: There are many reasons for this, including illegal arrests or prolonged detention, extortion, torture, money for bail, etc. Mechanisms have been put in place to check this. Inform your subjects to always report any such things to my office. There is a dedicated desk for this.

-SARS: The End SARS campaign is not in the interest of the populace to scrap it because of armed robbers and violent crimes.

– It has been reorganized and repositioned under a competent Commander at the national level. They are now only to fight armed robberies and no more land disputes and civil situations.

Welcome address by King Jaja of Opobo

– What you read in the newspapers about Rivers State and insecurity is not true.

– Nigerians have been waiting to hear from their traditional rulers and they will hear from us on the final day (January 31, 2018), through our communiqué.

– Government must pay attention to the raging economic downturn and insecurity in the land

– We as traditional rulers stand on ‘One Nigeria’, but the Government must attend to the sufferings of Nigerians and threats of insecurity

– It is unfortunate that traditional rulers in Nigeria must have to beg the government always for the General Assembly of the Council to be hosted whereas Government funds lesser events, yet, the traditional rulers are always called upon in moments of crisis to mobilize and stabilize the nation, to maintain peace

– They do all this without caring to give traditional rulers constitutional backing

– Nigerians will know our position.


SFG represented by Umar Bello

– There is need to incorporate traditional rulers in community policing.

NSA: Represented by Alh Abba Ibrahim

–  If working with traditional rulers worked under colonial rule, while cant it work now or our people. community policing

– We encourage this meeting and we expect implementable recommendations. You can count on my support.