Monarch wants stability back to the classroom, decries strikes


* Eze Gbakagbaka praises Showers group for producing world beaters

* Destiny Hope Ike who posted best Cambridge result in Nigeria in record time gets royal blessings

(First used in BusinessDay)

The 17-year-old student of Showers International Christian High School in Port Harcourt, Holy Innocent Destiny Ike, who shocked the nation by posting what is described as the best result in the Cambridge for Nigeria in the shortest time, has received royal blessings from the Eze Gbakagbaka of Evo Kingdom in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the king, Leslie Nyebuchi Eke.

Ike was ushered into the palace of the Eze Gbakagbaka on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, by the leadership of the Niger Delta Young Achievers Network (NDYAN) led by the board chairman, Anthony Akpan, a retired oil engineer. The team also comprised the CEO of Showers group, Ekama Emilia Akpan. The Eze was conferred with the position of patron of the NDYAN as a role model.

Responding, Eze Gbakagbaka commended the exciting achievements of Showers schools but insisted there is much to be done in the education sector to create stability in the classroom.

He said incessant strikes especially in the universities are a threat to the future of education and the youth. “Something must be done to bring stability in the school system. See Ghana and see how stable their school system is. They create success daily and replicate in one day all what we achieve in one year because they have no stoppages. Government must put an end to the instability ravaging Nigerian education system and disrupting the schools.

“The education environment is what helps a child to gain from the classroom work. This is important in the academic development of the child. The government must stand up to this and create an environment that produces a total academic person.  Government may have to give the teachers what they ask for to create a stable educational system. This may start from a properly dialogue and the government will work out realistic needs of the teachers and make provision for it annually and deliver it so the classrooms can be stable and consistent as it is in stable societies.”

He also advised the government to recognize the private schools that are recording very high academic performance with zero cheating. “The kind of feat performed at Showers and some other schools we know cannot happen in public schools (run by the government). The fact that a child from a community primary school performed this feat in an Ivy college is something extraordinary, something to celebrate too.

“There is thus the need for the government to design policies that would make Nigeria have functional education, an education system that makes school leavers to be job creators instead of job seekers. For now, this is not the case. Our children cannot fend for themselves after school. This reminds me of the eagle that uses its beak to push away its baby to learn to fend for itself. One must ask; what is government doing to provide functional education? The private sector is helping a lot but there should be policies in place to replicate what Showers and some others are doing.”

To achieve higher standards, he said the government must put an end to instability in school system caused by strikes. “We must commend the handlers of the brilliant child first to say let them continue to do good works. We thank you for making yourself the avenue through which God has transformed indigent students that would have deviated. We thank the husband of the proprietress for supporting his wife in this venture.”

On his conferment as patron of the Niger Delta Young Achievers Network (NDYAN) as a role-model, he said it is apt because he is already the secretary of the Niger Delta monarchs association. “We must commend the governor of the state, Nyesom Wike, for his educational policies and for providing the enabling environment that produced this kind of brain from a school in my domain, Showers international Christian High School.

“We will do more of this. Let this opportunity get to others for more indigent students to have the opportunity that this young lad got. There must be a way to spread such opportunity.

“You teachers must get your reward here on earth. For now, there is no pension, no welfare to many teachers. For five years now, there is no pension to some teachers that left the service. Let the government encourage teachers to attract good hands. I support that teachers must have degree in teaching because this is the only way they would be good professional teachers. They need to understand teaching methods and child psychology to handle the likes of Destiny well.

“Showers is a model to other schools, private or public, for perfecting in turning indigent pupils to world beaters.”

In their contributions, the woman leader of Evo Kingdom, Gloria Agadagba, said this is very big development and only the lord will help the school do more. An evangelist, Anthony Edwin Asinam, said: “This is good news. His father, the driver, will have some relief. God will take him higher and no power will snatch him”.

On his own, a chief, Simeon Chioma, stated; “This is not made by man, but God alone. Children of the rich enjoy while the poor cry, but God heard their cry and did this to one of them. God has opened your book of remembrance.’

While the youth leader, Worgu Ezebuola Prince, said: “This is a big feat by a youth. They say if you educate a youth, you empower 100. To you, Destiny Ike, remain focused. It is not ver yet. Let the zeal continue. Cultism has given most youths a scare and drugs have wiped away their destinies. Do not let them in.”

A royal father from Rumudumanya, the Eze, Bright Akpunonu, commended the BDYAN and Showers group for reverting to celebration of young achievers to motivate them.

Presenting the position of patron, the board chairman, Anthony Akpan, regretted that the the Niger Delta area is full of negative news and reports. “The youths are always in the news for bad reasons. Companies file home negative reports that further damage the region’s reputation capital.

“This has robbed the region of positive news. It has robbed the young persons that are setting and breaking records the opportunity to shine. Reporters are attracted to violence because bad news is good news. The objective of this scheme thus is to deliberately push the many young boys and girls in the Niger Delta that are taking up the challenges and posting brilliant results academically and otherwise.”

He said the Eze is known to be a brilliant person with exciting career records and worthy ambassador to the Niger Delta Young Achievers Network.

Presenting the bright scholar, the CEO of Showers said Ike posted; Junior WAEC 14As; WAEC Mock 7As 2Bs; WAEC proper 6As 3Bs; Cambridge  O/levels 2019 A*AA   (3As) Best result Nigeria Combined Science; Cambridge  A/levels 2020 A*AA (3As) record time of less than nine months.

She said what makes this striking is that the school has zero cheating policy and that Ike is son of a driver and an indigent student fished out of Egi community through Total’s Catch Them Young scheme that targets indigent students only from public primary schools in the rural host communities. “He could as well have been a deviant, a cult prospect, a drug addict.’