Money politics would destroy Nigeria – Ex lawmaker


By David Ejiohuo

It has been observed that Nigerians may have to wait much longer for the much expected new generation of politicians to emerge because of the money polities in the country.

Hon Tony Ike, a former law maker and an international business man, made this observation during the week, when he spoke with our correspondent in an exclusive interview at the Port Harcourt International Airport Omagwa.

According to Hon Ike, who was a lawmaker in Anambra House of Assembly before he got into international business circle, the level of money polities in Nigeria, would make it impossible for the much expected new breed of politicians to take over from the old and much recycled ones.

“ I have seen it all because I was involved in it and I tell you, it is a very big problem and unless we check it, it will destroy this nation”.

Speaking with our correspondent further, Hon Ike, described the chances of the desired new breed politicians to emerge as one is to ten and likened it to the biblical camel, passing through the eye of the needle.

Money polities in Nigeria he noted, was the bane of the Nigerian politics and was responsible for the looting of the treasury and in the process, making things not to work.

Politics in Nigeria, he explained, had been taken over by the money bags, who bribe their way and in the process kept recycling themselves at the expense of the nation’s resources and comfort.

“These money bags and Godfatherism, frustrate the electioneering processes and make it impossible for the young minds with new ideas to emerge and move the nation forward”.

Nigeria he noted, is a blessed nation with both human and natural resources but warned that unless urgent steps were taken to allow new breed politicians like what is now happening all over the world, that the nation may be doomed.

“If Nigeria needs to be moved forward, we must face the truth and make way for these young politicians with new ideas and initiatives”.

According to him, the absence of good roads, light, water and adequate infrastructure was a shame to the nation and at the same time killing Nigerians.

“I have spent years outside Nigeria and now home sick but when you get hone, nothing is working in the mist of plenty”.

To him, only the young politicians could make them happen because of their new ideas pointing out that money politics syndrome could be stopped only when we start telling ourselves the truth.

The truth he pointed out further, will start when we begin to hold people accountable for fraud or make them face the law.

“For now, the war on corruption is only on the pages of the newspaper and is not what it should be”.

According to him, Nigerians steal the money they to not need and get away with it because we have not stated telling our selves the truth or holding people accountable.