N3.5Bn Paris Club fund: Has presidency jarred its teeth at Saraki?


Is this from the EFCC?

Many say the presidency has decided to make its final push against the senate president, Bukola Saraki, a move expected to get him out of that seat. Social media is awash with an alleged report from from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) ready to confront Saraki. Some say it is aimed at getting him to tender his resignation with immediate effect.


Senate President, Bukola Saraki, this time around might be forced by the Presidency to write his resignation letter, or be impeached, as President Muhammdu Buhari begins to study the letter written by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, indicting the Senate President and his Aides, for laundering up to N3.5 billion from the Paris Club loan refund, Post-Nigeria has gathered.

In the report, the EFCC narrated how Saraki, using his Deputy Chief of Staff and other Aides, laundered N3.5 billion that he allegedly received from the Paris Club loan refund to State Governors.

“As I speak to you, the Presidency has concluded plans to treat ‘Saraki’s fuck up’. The evidence tendered by the EFCC against the Senate President is alarming. This is not like the CCT trial. This time around, pressure is on him to write his resignation letter, or Buhari will have to use his Presidential might on him”, a highly placed Presidential source told post-Nigeria.

He added: “If Saraki is wise, I expect him to have started writing his resignation letter now, to avoid impeachment. Please for your information, Senate Ali Ndume, has been tipped by the Presidency to start the impeachment process.

”The Presidency has decided to fight the war. The National Assembly must be cleansed just like the Judiciary. The time is now, and the Presidency has no option than to start with Saraki.”

This came as the anti-graft agency has started probing a former Heritage Bank Executive Director, Robert Mbonu, three Aides of Saraki, and three others, on how N3.5 billion was wired into some accounts.

The cash is said to be part of the N19 billion, allegedly diverted from the N522.74 billion initial refund to States.

In a report to the Presidency, the EFCC confirmed that it had traced $183,000 into the account of a Dubai jeweler.

The EFCC report said in part: “Mr. Robert Mbonu, is alleged to have received N3.5 billion into his company’s (Melrose General Services Limited’s) account, from the NGF through Account 0005892453, domiciled in Access Bank.

“Investigation revealed that one Kathleen Erhimu is the Relationship Manager to Dr. Bukola Saraki’s account with Access Bank.

“That Saraki at a meeting introduced one Joseph Oladapo Idowu and Gbenga Peter Makanjuola to her and Hon. Makanjuola, thereafter introduced Robert Mbonu to Ms Kathleen Erhimu.

“That Mbonu operates an account, Melrose General Services, with Access Bank Plc 0005892453, and 0005653500 which was up till 13th December a business account.

“That Halima Kyari, the Head of Private Banking Group, stated in a letter dated 13th December, 2016, that Mr. Robert Mbonu requested a transfer of Melrose General Services Company account, from a Business Account to a Private Banking Group Platform, as he was expecting huge funds into the account.

“Subsequently, on the 14th December, the sum of N3.5 billion was lodged into Melrose General Services Company account number 0005892453, domiciled in Access Bank, from the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF).

“That thereafter, Mr. Obiora Amobi and Hon. Gbenga Makanjuola, were introduced to Access Bank as representatives of Melrose General Services Limited by Robert Mbonu, to enable them cash withdrawals from the account.

“That one Oluyemi Braithwaite, the MD/CEO of Reinex Bureau de Change, Caddington Capital Limited and Westgate Limited, also manages a BDC, stated to have known Mbonu as a client and he requested for dollars in exchange for the Naira equivalent, which were to be handed over to one Mr. Gbenga, in Abuja.

“That Ms Oluyemi Braithwaite contacted one Hassan Dantani Abubakar, the owner of Hamma Procurement Limited, Ashrab Nigeria Limited and Insoire Solar Application, to make available the dollars based on the Naira equivalent. as transferred from Robert Mbonu, who she had introduced via phone to Hassan Dantani.

“That on 16th December, 2016, Melrose General Services transferred the sum of N246 million to Hamma Procurement First Bank Account No. 2030756168, in exchange for the sum of $500,000, which was handed to one Mr. Gbenga, in Abuja, who acknowledged receipt of the same amount.

“That on the 21st Dec. 2016, Ms Oluyemi Braithwaite contacted Hassan Dantani Abubakar, requesting for another transaction of $370,000. Melrose General Services Company, transferred the sum of N181m to Inspire Solar Application. The $370,000 was handed over to one Mr. Dapo, in Abuja.

“That on the 4th of January 2017, Mbonu through Melrose General Services Company transferred the sum of N248, 500,000 to Caddington Capital Limited, belonging to Ms Oluyemi Braithwaite, who transferred same to Hassan Dantani Abubakar’s FCMB account, Ashrab Nigeria Limited, for the sum of $500,000. The dollar equivalent was handed over to Mr. Kolawole Shittu, in Abuja

“That on the 10th of January 2017, Mr. Robert Mbonu, through Melrose General Services Company, transferred the sum of N99,820,000 to Caddington Capital Limited, belonging to Ms. Oluyemi Braithwaite, who transferred same to Hassan Dantani Abubakar’s FCMB Ashrab Nigeria Limited, for the sum of $200,000. The dollar equivalent was handed over to one Mr. Peter, in Abuja.

“That on the 19th December, there was a cash withdrawal of the sum of N50 million from Melrose General Services account via cheque, by Hon. Gbenga Peter Makanjuola.

“Also, the sum of $1,570,000 was received by the trio of Mr. Gbenga Peter Makanjuola, Mr. Kolawole Shittu, and Mr. Oladapo Joseph Idowu, at various times and locations at Abuja, FCT.

“That on the 29th December, 2016, Mr. Robert Mbonu called Mrs. Kathleen Erhimu of Access Bank, requesting her to source for a customer that would have the sum of $500,000 in exchange for the Naira equivalent. She introduced Mr. Robert Mbonu to Acarast Commercial Limited and Capital Field Investment to help him source for dollars.

“That on the 21st December 2016, GCA Energy Limited paid the sum of $25,000 to Asterio Energy Services Limited, which subsequently transferred the sum of $23,200 to Cactus Communication Limited account with Access Bank.

“The MD of Sought-After International Synergy Limited, Julius Okedele, stated that Mr. Kelechi Edomobi of Acarast Commercial Enterprises contacted him and requested to purchase dollars after the transfer of N73, 950,000 to Sought-After International Synergy Limited. Mr. Edomobi gave him the account number of Cactus Communication Limited Access Bank, as the nominated account to receive the dollar equivalent of the sum of $149,000.

“Investigation further confirmed that Cactus Communication Limited is owned and operated by Joseph Oladapo Idowu, an Aide to Bukola Saraki.

“That Mr. Kelechi Edomobi also transferred the sum of N1m on the 15th of January, 2017, to Joseph Oladapo Idowu’s personal account number 0001679877 with Access Bank Plc.

“That Asterio Energy Services Limited on the 21st and 22nd of December, 2016, transferred $100,000 and $85,000 to Bhaskar Devji Jewellers LLC in Dubai, respectively the same company that Dr. Bukola Saraki repeatedly made transfer to from his Black Card Account.

“Furthermore, other payments from Melrose General Services Company have also been linked to companies that Dr. Bukola Saraki has interest in, and carry out transactions with.

“This includes the sum of $183,000, which was transferred to Bhaska Devji Jewellers, Dubai, a company Dr. Bukola Saraki had repeatedly made payments to.

“Also, the sum of N200 million was transferred to Wasp Networks Limited, that subsequently transferred the sum of N170 million to Xtract Energy Services Limited, a company that routinely made deposits into Dr. Bukola’s Access Bank United States Domiciliary Account.”