NLNG begins celebration of 20 years successful operations with steps to transform Bonny


* Consulate Building foundation stone today

By Codratus Godson

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) has kicked off series of events to mark its 30 years in incorporation and 20 years active operations.

The most striking would be the foundation stone laying ceremony of what is called the Consulate Building. This is to recall that the Europeans had a consulate building in a part of Bonny which was used to coordinate trade in slavery, palm oil and later cold.

This landmark was said to have been demolished at a point after independence probably to obliterate the memory of slavery and colonization but the Kingdom authorities and the NLNG think that Bonny should serve as a tourist destination and such places have historical relevance.

The King and the CEO of NLNG both are said to be keen on building Bonny into an African Dubai through industrialization and trade as well as a tourist destination by developing the Bonny Beach, hotels, museums, etc.

The 20/30 anniversary is said to be part of this push to add to the returning of the Bonny Chamber of Commerce, the Bonny Road, etc.

Several activities to mark the miles stone begin in Bonny from 9am this Saturday starting with a big visit to the King.