NLNG declares ‘Goal Zero’ henceforth


CEO, Tony Attah says company recorded highest performance in 2017 but would not celebrate because of tragic incident of January 12, 2017

– No more incident or injury in NLNG

By Codratus Godson

The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) has vowed never to record any injury or safety incident in 2018 and beyond. He said the company recorded its highest ever performance in 2017 but refused to celebrate it because it suffered a safety incident that took the life of a worker (driver) and about eight other enumerated incidents in the otherwise prosperous year.

For that reason, the company set out a new objective called Goal Zero to ensure that no safety incident or injury would occur in the entire 2018 and beyond.

To achieve this, the company’s top managers brought together the CEOs of their conracting firms to a conference hall for one full day at the Hotel Presidential in Port Harcourt today, Tuesday, February 27, 2018, to plot the path to Goal Zero.

The MD, Tony Attah, released a slogan termed ‘See Something, Do Something, Say Something”. This, he explained, meant that everybody in the company and those working would them would be involved in policing the Goal. Thus, if anyone say anything strange, he must do something about it, and if not able, must report it to someone that can do something.

His full interview:

What is the essence of the conference and what has been achieved?

I think we have achieved a very positive front where there is no difference between us (NLNG) and our contractors. We are unified around one important subject; people, the people who work for us, whether they are community people, contractors, our own staff. It doesn’t matter. What matters is people. Only one thing matters; people! It is this people-matter that has brought us together to find common front to find solutions, irrespective of where we are. We must be sure that our people are safe, no-matter where they are.

Are all the factors in your control, how about external factors, in achieving Goal Zero?

Control is not a word I like. What is external? We do not care about external factors. We know that every incident is preventable; piracy, crude theft, fall from heights, tripping, slipping, knock your leg, etc. What is important is pre-empting the situation to say, what can we do to say, this does not happen?

But, you are right. This is what we call bow-tie concept in safety. There is the left side of the tie which is preventive; what barriers can I put in place to prevent it. How do we respond? There is the right side which is what do we do if it happens. Perhaps that is what you mean. It is about what to do to ensure it does not happen again. I can assure you that every incident is preventable and that is the mindset with which we approach safety.

What is your lesson and message to the CEOs of contractors here?

The main message is that people matter. In my experience, it is about care; as a leader, as a CEO. It has been proved that if you care for the people, they will care for the business. By people, we mean 100 per cent workers, but we don’t like the word  workers because there are some people who are not in that sharp word but there are people in social performance who have the potential to impact my own work, but they are not my workers.

What was this performance you talked about?

We had the highest performance level ever in the life of NLNG last year, producing 21 million tonnes from a 22 million tonne-capacity plant.  It was a fantastic delivery, with the support of our shareholders, directors, our communities, gas suppliers, and most importantly, our own people.  They made it happen last year.