Obasanjo rocks music in rural Bayalsa, moderates the Ekemini music


Olusegun Obasanjo carried his freewheeling lifestyle and jokes to rural Bayelsa areas on Saturday, February 17, 2018, when he danced on stage before presenting his speech at the ground breaking ceremony of Azikel Refinery in the outskirts of Yenagoa.

Obasanjo danced and even moderated the exciting wooden xylophone music of the Ekemini dancers of Cross River State with which he was ushered onto the stage.

The ex-President said the CEO of Azike Group knew his passion for the Ekemini music and had brought the kids all the way from Cross rivers State just for his delight.

Obasanjo rocked the way he rocked on his PhD graduation day; to the left, to the right, but he did not turn and swing like on that day.

He later began to direct the child-drummers and dancers on which number to play, urging them to do a popular number for all to dance. Obj even advised the elite audience the best way to dance to the Ekemini music, saying they should sit and rock because standing would break their waists.

At last, he shook the children one after the other and advised them to ensure they did not forget any of their many instruments on stage. He now proceeded to present his address as he threw banters at Ali Baba his old menace.