Ogoni: Everyday another trouble as rival group disrupts MOSOP election


Police steps in to avert trouble

In the Ogoni area, it seems to be everyday another trouble. This time, local reports said a scheduled election into MOSOP (Movement for the Survival Ogoni People) at Bori has been stopped due to rival clashes.

A local paper that reports the community from its point of view said “Ogoni youths this afternoon disrupted an attempt by a pro-Robo Michael group led by Mr. Prince Biira”. The report claimed that the Kaani boys from thugs while those from Bori were not.

The paper also accused the ones coming for elections to be supported by an oil company that the other group did not support. The report said the Kaani boys “tried to force their way into the MOSOP secretariat in Bori in an attempt to conduct an election and create crises in MOSOP”. They were allegedly forced out of the center by community youths from Bori communities.

The report also said the group had attempted to hold the elections in Kaani but the group were ordered out of the community. It was gathered that the Police in Bori led by the Area Commander intervened in the matter and asked the election group to leave the center in the interest of peace.