Okorocha ready to defend Imo former governors over wealth


Saby Onyenwe


Those who ruled Imo State as governor from Sam Mbakwe to Ikedi Ohakim have found one staunch defender over charges of accumulation of wealth. The sitting governor, Rochas Okorocha, is so sure of their situation and is ready to stand up for them.

In an argument with newsmen in Owerri, Okorocha said he was so sure of their not being wealth ‘by any standard’ that he was going to build houses for them.

Gov Okorocha said that the former governors- Sam Mbakwe, Evan Enwerem, Achike Udenwa and Ikedi Ohakim must have been over estimated with regard to how wealthy they had become, after they had left office as governors.

The governor told journalists at the Government House Owerri weekend that it was a wrong assessment for people to have concluded that the former governors left office as very rich people, that none of them could be adjudged rich by any standard after leaving as governors.

The argument to that effect had arisen when the governor disclosed his readiness to build befitting houses for the former governors to encourage people on the need to always appreciate and honour their past leaders, stating that having governed the state at one time or the other, they deserve the appreciation of Imo people.

But some Journalists at the parley had objected to that idea, on the ground that the former governors must have left office as very rich people, but the governor said, they were wrong in their assessment, adding that none of the former governors could be said to be rich today.

He continued “Look around and show me where this wealth said to have been accumulated by the former governors is. It is not true. The problem lies with the perception of people. They have the feeling that once you are a governor, you must have gotten the franchise to acquire wealth, which is far from reality”.

He also said that he has no bank account or house in any part of the world, adding that he does not believe it is the best of actions to begin to have money in foreign accounts or having houses overseas”.

He advised that the citizenry should not see all their leaders as corrupt, but should try as much as they can to appreciate their leaders.