Okrika leaders ban kpo-fire, set to pursue investments to boost Wakrike economy


2nd leadership summit calls for Task Force on Education

By Favour Ichemati

Okrika leaders have ordered total ban on illegal refining called Kpo-fire. This involves heating stolen crude till diesel comes out. The rest is thrown into the environment.

The leaders also urged their people to embrace investments to boost economic development of the area. They have also been urged to float an education task force to pursue aggressive development of their area in human capital sector.

These were some of the major resolutions of the summit held on December 1, 2018. The Summit challenged War Canoe Houses to be more involved in economic activities that will uplift the quality of human life and boost the local economy

They must identity and vigorously pursue the development of skills of their members to be more useful to the society, by investing in areas such as Fish Smoking, Wielding, ICT, Plumbing, Shoe Making, Carpentry, Hair Dressing, Events Planning, Pipe Fitting and Adult Education among others.

The summit lamented the steady fall in standard of education and awful increase in population of ‘out-of-school’ children and resolved to declare a state of emergency in the sector.

To this end Ogu/Bolo and Okrika local government councils were directed to set up without delay Education Task Force to check the trend. The summit resolved to criminalize the tendency among parents and guardians who willfully keep children out of schools and directed that the Task Forces deal with defaulters in line with the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Act.

They also urged well placed Wakirike people at home and in the Diaspora to invest more in education through establishment of schools and award of scholarships to indigent children.

The summit frowned at the steady pollution of the rivers and creeks through disposing refuge in rivers and drainages and outlawed all forms of illegal crude refining in all Wakirike territories as such is main danger to fishing and farming.

The leaders resolved that the Wakrike Summit should be convoked annuallyand jointly funded by Ogu/Bolo and Okrika local government councils, to be supported by donations from well meaning Wakirike people.