PDP convention time keeps shifting


 Shifting of time has been the bane of the PDP convention since morning of Saturday. Time shifted twice now to 6pm due to late arrival of delegates.  Flights to PH were scarce from Abuja and some other cities in Nigeria.

Horse trading has continued with Atiku gaining more grounds.  Force of money is said to be gaining more ground.

Tambuwal is still running strong, hoping to lead in at least 20 states.

Last minute change of fortune is highly expected.

Over five states are sticking to the contestants from their states,  hoping however for last minute instruction.

Benue is said to still stand with David Mark till he either stands down for somebody or fail at the ballot point.

Tambuwal is said to be leaving in many states and comes second in most others,  a factor that makes him a strong contender.

His campaign team is expanding by the day as new stakeholders endorse him.

Tambuwal is seriously seen to tap into the 360 Reps he worked with as Speaker,  the many judicial connections he, acquired as back benched in the NBA,  etc, and the governors he has worked with in the past three years.

Last accord was reached few days ago by the aspirants to stand by whoever emerged.

The chairman of the Convention Committee, Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State just told newsmen that no stand down has been communicated  to him.